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Mar 10, 2010 11:42 AM

dinner downtown Toronto

My husband and I will be in the city next Thursday and thought we would have dinner before the drive home. We will be near University and Collage. We were thinking French or Italian.
Thank you in advance

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  1. For French, La Palette

    Casual Italian, Mercatto


    1. Terroni for Italian. Biff's for French.

      1. La Palette is a nice French pick that will be very convenient. Not too far north and a little west from Harbord and Spadina are Tati Bistro or Loire.

        Negroni Panini is a cheap and cheerful Italian spot very close to your location, but is quite casual. It you don't mind trekking up to Avenue and Davenport I like L'Unita for Italian (and it's a good date spot). Or I'd head downtown to Tutti Matti.

        1. Thank you all. Will talk this weekend and let you know on Friday