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Mar 10, 2010 11:33 AM

Folia Grill for souvlaki & other grilled food at Pape & Cosburn

I haven't had a chance to try Folia Grill yet, but I've recently heard good things from a friend who knows her souvlaki. I'll report back once I've had a chance to try out a few dishes on the menu.


Thanks jayseeca, for linking to the blogTO page in the zucchini stick thread. My friend had told me about Folia Grill about 2 weeks ago, saying it was worth trying, and your link reminded me of her recommendation for the souvlaki!

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  1. I took a peek at the website and there is a lovely photo of a romaine lettuce salad with dill, yet I didn't see it on their menu. Is this seasonal, I wonder? I'd love to hear about the flavours in the chicken gyro and the biftekia. It certainly looks like a great little place to get some quality food, versus the myriad offerings of mediocre fare at many of the souvlaki joints along the Danforth. I hope this place is a cut (or two!) above those. I really hope their tzatziki has a good garlic hit.

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      The Romaine and dill salad is on the menu under "appetizers" for $3.75

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        Hi 1sweetpea, the romaine and dill salad (aka maroulosalata) is listed on the appetizers section of the online menu;-)

        I'm also hoping this place turns out to be a cut above the rest ;-)

      2. Finally tried Folia. Ordered the pork and chicken souvlaki and the dill and romaine salad. All delicious, and fresh. The chicken was uber tender, and the pork perfectly cooked and juicy. The tzatziki in particular was absolutely delicious, definitely a cut above most of the awfully bland ones out there.

        The owners were extremely nice, and I immediately noticed how clean the restaurant is. There are only about 5 or 6 tables, and it didn't appear to be licensed, although the Blog TO review indicates otherwise. I didn't think to ask as I was getting take out. The prices are extremely reasonable. A perfect neighbourhood take out. I want to try the biftekia next.

        I will definitely be back. Thanks for posting Phoenikia!


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          My pleasure, SWS.

          Happy to hear it was a good experience!

        2. Swung by Folia for lunch and it was outstanding. It's a real "labour of love" type spot. The chicken gyro was so delicious and moist, and the aforementioned zucchini sticks, I could eat those every week. This place is a little gem, no doubt.

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          1. re: childofthestorm

            Super clean, friendly, 12 seat operation about 2 blocks south of O'Connor.
            Do not confuse with Filo.
            Had the chicken pita ($4) which was moist, flavourful and ridiculously generous.
            The biftekia and pork skewers look great but I was too stuffed to try.
            They have a beer and wine licence though it is certainly not obvious.

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              i would also welcome a review of Filo. i live 2 blocks away and am scared of it. one person told me they ate there and it was okish

          2. We tried Folia for lunch today.

            In short it was really good Greek fast food. The owners know the food they are inspired by very well and they do an excellent job at making it. I have no quibbles about the food at all.

            When you first walk in the decor is so nice and clean it takes a second to realize that the service is fast food style, not waited tables. There were only two staff, a woman doing most of the cooking and a guy who did everything else, looking at the website these are the owners.

            There was a little bit of business over getting a table despite their being 12 seats and only 5 other patrons. The table we wound up at was interesting as it was directly opposite the kitchen so we got to watch the action. For what is basically a fast food joint I was generally impressed, in particular that the salads were made fresh from fresh ingredients, OK the french fries were frozen from a bag but everything else except the pita bread (which was excellent) seemed to be made in house (in some cases, like the bifteki and the zucchini sticks obviously pre-made but not brought in frozen). All of the food looked really good and the portions were beyond generous. So here's the first caution, there's one cook, there's really no expediting and some things like hand chopping veggies for each village salad to order take a little time, we we're cool with this, well worth it for well prepared food, but some of the patrons who came in for takeout seemed a little annoyed.

            There were a bunch of really minor service hiccups while we were there, nothing that was enough to put me off the place, but things that felt like first week jitters which shouldn't still be there as they have been open for a few months now.

            We each had a pork souvlaki pita and shared an order of the zucchini sticks, that and two bottles of water came out to less than 15 bucks for both of us. I don't remember ever getting out of Messini's for less than double that price. The sandwiches were very good, although next time I think I would probably opt for the gyros (chicken only) or the bifteki. The zucchini sticks were delicious and the portion insanely huge for the price, we couldn't finish it.

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            1. re: bytepusher

              Had been really curious about this spot and will definitely make a point of visiting. Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays.

              1. re: neighborguy

                Where else can you sit down and get a first rate made to order biftekia pita and a Heineken for less than $9??

                Also,(despite my previous post) closer to 4 blocks south of O"Connor - 1031 Pape

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                do you know where they're getting the pita bread from? while i really enjoyed the sandwich (and wasn't paying attention enough to not get "everything" in it which also includes fries that were kinda stale) the slight char and great flavour and texture of the pita is what really won me over.

                zucchini fries tasted mostly of flour and oil to me... so not a winner. next time salad and peppers.

              3. Website gives an awesome vibe. Can't wait to try it...thanks for posting, phoenikia.