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WEDDING VENUE IN NYC, $105 a head without tax and tip. 120 guests. ADVICE PLEASE! The search is on!

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Yes, I am fully aware that this is on the lower end for wedding prices in Manhattan. We have a total budget of appx 20 - 25K and was looking for a venue that would charge about $105 per person before tip and tax. There are 120 guests. We are looking for great ambiance and are open to using a restaurant or club, but we would like a large room that also has space for dancing. We would like a cocktail hour with passed hors deurves and are open to a buffet. We have found one nice club in Manhattan that will do it for this rate. But I know there are more options out there! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We will be looking at venues next weekend.
Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. Does that price include alcohol? Or just food and venue?

    1. I have no idea about their price points, but you might give the restaurant at St. Bart's a call. I've been to an event there (not a wedding) and it was very nice. Your religious (or non) affiliation is of no consequence to them.

      1. A friendly reminder, Folks, Chowhound is about finding great food and drink, posts not discussing food will be removed

        1. The Alger house on Downing St is about the right size . have been to many weddings there and you can bring yourown food.

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            You definitely cannot bring your own food to Alger house, and they can only accommodate around 85 if you want all of your guests to have seats. The food, however was great at my wedding there 3 years ago. I had around 95 people there with 80% seating for a cocktail party w/ buffet dinner.

            For the OP, i do recommend their sister space, Manhattan Penthouse, once again, as my first post was removed by the moderators, I guess because I did not mention their food. The staff is very helpful, the menu is interesting and accommodating, and I really enjoyed everything I've tasted at both locations. I was at MP in Dec 2008 for a holiday party and got to try a lot of their passed hors d' oeuvres - all delicious.