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Mar 10, 2010 11:06 AM

Downtown Montreal for Lone Business Traveller

Any food recommendations (dinner, treats, chocolates, etc etc) in downtown Montreal? I travel to Montreal for work quite often and stay downtown. I don't have a car and don't get off till dinner time so there's not a long of opportunities to venture outside of downtown. I am only here during weekdays.

Any recommendations?

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  1. For chocolate check out juliet et chocolat ... there is one on st laurent and prince arthur and another on st denis near de maisoneuve .

    1. For dinner downtown: Cafe Ferreira for Portugueuse & seafood, Takara or Zenya for sushi, Decca 77, La Montee... all very nice, upscale.
      A short walk away (to the Old Montreal): Le Local, Graziella...
      For "exotic": Magdala for Ethiopian, Mirchi for Indian food.

      1. For a lighter dinner try Anton and James (St-Catherine and Stanley, a little north or St-Caths). I ike their sanwiches. The Cuban is pretty good, although I can't vouch for its authenticity. They also have nice salads and great muffins. The muffins are practically cake which is probably why they are so good.

        There is also a place in the food court of Simon's, I believe it is called momoya, I can't remember the exact name but they make good tonkatsu on the spot (Japanese pork cutlets).

        There is also a little Italian place called Cafe Presto on Stanley just north of Rene-Levesque. Cheap (mains for 4.50$), fast and pretty good. It's honest Italian food, nothing fancy but great for a fast dinner. They also have a whole dessert cart of cakes and cannoli in the middle of the room staring you in the face throughout your meal. If I remember the last time I went I have a main, a salad, a piece of cake and it was 13 bucks with tax.

        I actually work downtown so I am more familiar with lunch places. Where exactly downtown are you?

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          Thanks for all the suggestions! I usually stay at Fairmont Queen Elizabeth (Rene Levesque) and occassionally Intercontental (close to old Montreal).... any good food in moderate price range?

          I read about suite 88 it good? it seems pretty close to where I stay....any Montreal specialities recommendations? like Bagel and Poutine (that opens during dinner time)


          1. re: mimikaayu

            Hmmmm. Poutine and Bagel..... interesting combo! M;Brgr at 2025 Drummond sounds like your kind of place. Bar or table seating And check out the menu as well.

            Let me know what you think. Just about 5 blocks from the Fairmont.


            1. re: JohnnyGeWiz

              Ive been very dissapointed the past 3 times Ive been (wont return)

            2. re: mimikaayu

              suite 88 isn't very good on chocolates themselves, no flavor, just chocolate substance. the hot chocolate on the other hand is very rich and dense and definitely the place's forte. haven't tried anything besides that though.

              1. re: mimikaayu

                For poutine I have a soft spot for La Belle Province. There is one on Peel just north of St-Cath's. Pretty basic but it hits the spot.

                Try Il Focalio for pretty good pizza (1223, Square-Phillips corner Réné Lévesque). They have a wood oven and a menu of 30 odd pizzas with interesting toppings. They even have snail pizza from what I remember.

                Try Boustan's for good Lebanese (2020, rue Crescent). My favourite is the pita wrap called "La Creation". Also get the garlic potatoes.

                For sweets try Nocochi (2156 Mackay). They sell small middle eastern cookies with tea. You select 15 for 6.95$. The cookies are bite sized so you get lots of different kinds for a fair price. I have pictures on my blog from when I went:

                I've been to 88 chocolatier. Their chocolates were just ok. I had a Belgian waffle covered in chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce itself was good but the Belgian waffle was basically the same thing that you can buy in the supermarket. It's not super far away but you will have to take the subway to Metro Sherbrooke and then walk for a bit so you'll have to leave downtown.

                Try the Pad Thai at Bangkok at The Faubourg (Guy and St-Catherine's). I last had it a couple of years ago but I have rather fond memories of it. They have a lineup at all hours of the day and it is incredibly popular. There is also an Indian food place in The Fabourg that makes Naan on the spot for you.

                If you feel like pub food try McLean's on Peel just north of St-Cath's. It's basic pub food, I've only ever had their hamburgers but it would be a good place to have a beer and watch the game.

              2. re: PadmeSkywalker

                I tried momoya... thanks for the recommendation, I was surprised to find tonkatsu that's made on the spot in foodcourt! good choice!

              3. Decca 77 does a decent prix fixe at 35$, they have a good wine selection... and the well-trained, happy wait staff is "optically calibrated" as one review once quipped.