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Neptune Oyster - Best Dishes

Going to Neptune for first time this week...besides the oysters, what are the can't miss dishes? Jim.

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  1. The warm lobster roll with butter is amazing (basically lazy man's lobster on a roll) and the burger topped w/fried oysters was delish, as well!

    1. I'd say get one salad (they're big, rich, lovely), the clam chowder (great clam flavor), something fried (the fried clams are my favorite in town), an evening special (if you're there for dinner), and wines by the glass (very well chosen for this food). Do an East vs. West Coast raw oyster comparison (surprising how different they are). Even the burger is good here. I wish the lobsters rolls came on different bread, but that's a quibble.


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        I agree with MC on the fried clams. The lobster spagetti special is also amazing.

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          I third the fried clams. Those and the crab salad and I am in heaven.

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            Adding a 4th to the fried clams. I really like the clam chowder too but I am in the 'I do not clam chowder you can stand up your spoon in' camp.

      2. For appetizers the mussels and littlenecks are good, fried clams are great, neptunes on piggyback looks great, and the baby octupus is really good. The oysters are the freshest tasting in the city.

        For salads the avocado crab salad that is on the menu now is outstanding.

        The Arctic Char crudo and the Nantucket bay scallop crudo are both wonderful.

        The lobster strogganof is insanely rich and can easily be shared by two.If your there on Monday get the lobster spaghetini.The cioppino is the best version in the city.

        The burger, lobster roll, and Vitello tonnato are all great sandwiches.

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          Killer steak last time I was there some special farm they use and that butter lobster roll makes great app for two great stop in northend

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            Yeah, those piggybacks were great. Really have to eat my way through more of the menu.

          2. if you wanna try the lobster roll, go there earlier in the evening...they were out of it when i tried to order it at about 8pm!

            1. North End Cioppino is wonderful. Not a dish I would normally have ordered, but a friend had raved about it, and I'm so glad she did. Now I rave about it, too...

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              1. There is just something about the fried clams there. It's the taste I always search for, and Neptune is one of the few that really delivers. Light fry, crispy, not overly salty and the sweetness of the clams comes thru, simple. Cioppino is a favorite and never disappoints. As for the lobster roll, at least the cold version, I don't find it to be anything special. However, I have to say, I have access to fresh, plucked from the ocean that day, and I'm spoiled. Lobster is something I prefer to prepare at home.

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                  How do they compare to the Clam Box in Ipswich?

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                    Haven't made it yet to the Clam Box in Ipswich, maybe someone else will chime in.

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                      The Clam Box might be my favorite of the shacks in the Essex-Ipswich axis, but I don't make that pilgrimage very often. (I like the fried clams at Dube's in Salem, too, but I think maybe as much for its old-time atmosphere -- it's not really a clam shack type of place -- as the food.)

                      Neptune is minutes away from me, and does a lot of fine food besides fryolator stuff. Its clams are impeccably sweet and fresh, and never of the big-belly variety that the North Shore clam shacks sometimes resort to, of which I am not a fan.


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                        Tuna Tonnato....tuna tartare on top of a roasted veal sandwich...YUM!

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                        I really like the Clam Box and we will make the drive there in the Summer to get some clams and have always enjoyed them.. And, until I had the clams at Neptune, the Clam Box was #1 for me. But, I think Neptune's are better. Neptune's breading/batter is so light, not greasy at all and the clams are small and sweet.