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Mar 10, 2010 10:51 AM

Gilt or Sho: Shaun Hergatt??

Looking to go for a really nice dinner with another couple. I have been to most of the high-end pri-fixe restaurants and have been wanting to try Gilt for a while now. However, there does not seem to be much about Gilt on the boards and Sho has had some mixed reviews (poor service seems to be the main complaint). Has anyone been to either recently? Any special dishes that should not be missed? Thanks for the help!!

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  1. We were at SHO last night. It was half full; the service was excellent. The cuisine was very uneven, some very good dishes and two failures, the foie gras and the rabbit. The $69 price is a bargain; there are a few reasonably priced wines. It is a few minutes walk from the Wall Street subway stop and we were back home on 86th Street easily.

    1. We have been to both, Gilt more recently (January) than SHO (very end of September). In both cases, we were there mid-week.

      We had excellent service at both though, as you have pointed out, there have been some complaints with regard to SHO. I've not read any complaints anywhere about service at Gilt.

      I liked the ambiance at both, but I would definitely give a big edge to the very grand and gorgeous dining room at Gilt.

      As far as the all-important food goes (and it's always #1 for my husband and me), everything we had a SHO, from the amuse all the way through to the petits fours was wonderful, so that the meal was quite perfect. If you go, the quail and the squab are, imo, the not-to-be-missed dishes. The fact that they are still on the menu tells me that they may have become Chef Hergatt's signature dishes.

      Unfortunately, I don't have the same high praise for the cuisine at Gilt. The first and main courses, while fine, did not knock my culinary socks off. Desserts were poor -- a severe disappointment. Overall, I was expecting a whole lot better from a 2-star Michelin. (SHO is is a 1-star.)

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