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Mar 10, 2010 10:49 AM

Striped Pangasius: Recipes & Opinions?

I generally stay away from frozen farmed fish from outside the US, but this is available at our teeny-tiny grocery store this week, and I'm curious.

Yay/nay and recipes if it's a go?

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  1. Funny you should mention it. The main US importer for this fish is bringing it to me to prepare it for his party during the seafood convention here in Boston. After I figure out what I'm going to do with it, I'll share the recipe. I think his group is in Saturday night.

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    1. re: almansa

      I'll be watching.

      You know what's very, very strange to me? I live in Nowheresville, TX, and the grocery store is located in a town of 1600 people. So when I say tiny/nowheresville/etc, I mean it. I really mean it.

      How on earth are we getting striped pangasius when my source for all things chow - - failed to net any opinions or ideas?


      1. re: shanagain

        Me again: I ended up breading the 'loins' in ground panko and frying them. Then I drizzled them with a sweet chile vinegar and served them over in a sauce of water, miso, scallion and ground smoked shrimp with a sesame-tofu mousse on the side. One of my cooks said, "you can't taste the fish," and I replied, "that's sort of the point." Not recommended.

        1. re: almansa

          Well, consider that excellent advice well taken!

    2. This fish has several names. Search the boards for "basa" and you will find lots of info. Like most farmed fish it is a bit bland, but I disagree with the cook who said you can't taste the fish. It's certainly better than talapia, which tastes like nothing at all.

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        Basa is also a pangasius, but I prefer it to swai, which, while related, is not the same fish. And tilapia is a crap shoot - if it has flavor, it's usually not particularly good. I'll eat it in a fish taco, though.