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Mar 10, 2010 10:27 AM

PARIS - where to find a great POT-AU-FEU

Suggestions please. Won't be there til Easter Weekend...not too late I hope.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Reading the thread Parigi is kind enough to post last November got me totally jonesing for POF and I went back to Chez Paul for lunch on Christmas Day. Yes it was cold, and yes I was hungry, but even I was surprised when I polished off the whole thing. Having finished the various meats, marrows and veg, I then turned my attention to the hefty cocotte with the broth. The MaitresseD, as much a fixture as the cigarette stained walls and the above mentioned cat, heading in our direction to clear plates saw me turn me attention to the pot, and scurried away saying, "Prendre! Prendre! Prendre le soup!" And I did.

      1. re: Gman

        (The 1st reply disappeared and reappeared in CH's magical mystery cyberspace, during which time I had rewritten it. Happened to me several times in the past few days. Mods, please delete this…)

        1. re: Gman

          A PaF craze sweeps Paris…
          After the OP mentioned it, my husband and I got PaF tattooed on our brain. After much research, yesterday we made Laura Calder's simple recipe (added half a cube of sugar and, le comble de l'hérésie, bokchoi). What a deeply satisfying winter experience. Gman, don't you agree PaF is the best defiance against the unbearable glacial weather. Winter schminter.
          Can't but can't wait for the leftover tonight…

          1. re: Parigi

            I was emboldened by my acupuncturist, who for some reason, just before my Parisian sojourn, had read something in my pulses, or in the general state of my Qi, or some other such thing I have no real understanding of, that I need to eat rich, slow cooked meats. No problem, says I - love the stuff. A few years back just before another Paris trip she similarly counseled me to have liver. And people wonder why I still see her....

            Parigi - I totally agree. I felt myself getting stronger, warmer, and better with that PaF. Am a bit scared to try making it but also intrigued. I'm fascinated by foods that are seemingly simple, and yet can be so sublime or fall utterly flat. I went through an obsession with biscuits until I could make good ones without looking.