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Mar 10, 2010 10:18 AM

Paulie Gee's - New pizza in Greenpoint

Paulie Gee's officially opened last night and I went with a group early in the evening. If you don't recognize the name, you probably are not pizza obsessed and/or following the Slice blog. Long story short Paulie Gee turned his passion for pizza and his backyard wood burning oven into a professional occupation. His new place is in the former Paloma space on Greenpoint Ave, completely redone. Very cool interior (same designers/contractors did Manhattan Inn, another cool 'reclaimed' space)

Pizza is Neopolitan style and made in an oven he brought over from Italy. Crust has a lot of char, good chew, and pretty good flavor. If you don't like char on your pizza, this probably won't be your place. There are a set number of regular topping offerings plus a couple of specials a night. We tried most of what was available. Standout for my group was the Arugula/Prosciutto/Parmesean and lemon juice topping. The lemon was a nice twist I had not had before. Only let down of the night was the onion and orange slice salad. It was like 90% onion and basically a condiment. Had it been the other way around, 90% or even 75% orange slices, it would have been a tasty simple salad. Not sure if that was the correct preparation for it. We did not complain.

All in all, I have the same feeling I had when I first tried Motorino when it opened. There is a lot of potential there and it is a solid pie, especially when you consider it was the first night open. A definate must try for the pizza obsessed. I know I will be going back.

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  1. Thank you for this. Paulie G(iannone) is a genuine pizza enthusiast and a long time contrtiubutor to the Slice blog. It is great to see he has his own place now. I am looking forward to checking it out.

    Brooklyn is fast becoming the pizza capital of the world now.

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        Pies were between $12 to 16 from what I recall. Simple marinara pie may have been lower.

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            $2 manhattan specials is a deal for a restaurant

        1. I went tonight. I thought the pizza was very good, but the dough had a serious lack of salt. It was very disappointing because the crust seemed great in every other way. I didn't finish eating it because it was bland. Hopefully that's just an opening glitch and they up the salt in the dough. Other than that, very good. Sauce was very fresh tasting. Pizza gets a bit soggy after a while, so probably not a great take-out option.

          Paulie Gee's
          60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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            got a cuban tonight (sausage, onion, mozz, marinara, basil). I concur with the not-especially-salted dough, but we did have a few very salty bites (which I think was the ground sausage). $14. I was pretty happy with the pizza and will return (I live blocks away...what else is there?), but I am definitely looking forward to the working-out-the-kinks bump in quality after a few months.

            also, there was a piece of string baked into our pizza crust!

            pic attached for your viewing pleasure. full entry about the pizza at my food blog (

          2. this place is simply killing it, thank god it's in the neighborhood. (and the salt-level in the dough is perfect for my taste).

            1. We went on Saturday and LOVED IT! And I am a salt fiend. No probs on that front. Had a pie with prosciutto and a pie with spicy sopresatta (the latter was particularly excellent). Really enjoyed everything about this place -- sweet, caring staff, incredibly cool space. Also had a terrific salad with greens, gorgonzola, pear, dried cherries, red onions, walnuts, and a whole lot of red wine vinaigrette. Only issue was timing as pizzas came out 5 min. apart. Note to parents: very family-friendly so far as service/treatment, but didn't see any high chairs/boosters.