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Mar 10, 2010 09:56 AM

paleta meal delivery service

has anyone used this service? I am thinking about doing this for a healthy, gourmet, portion-controlled service and am wondering how the food/experience has been for people...
I am also open to other suggestions- preferably organic food..

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  1. I haven't used the meal delivery service, but Paleta catered an event for me in February. They made boxed lunches - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian that were AWESOME. (and that's saying something...since boxed lunches usually are not anywhere near awesome.).

    I also really liked planning and working with Kelly and Jason - they are so pleasant, responsive and they listened to what I wanted. Based on this experience with Paleta, I am hoping to use their service in the fall, when I need it for a while.

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        1. Foodie5, did you try it? I'm thinking of doing it myself and am looking for more feedback.

          1. i tried paleta for 20 days and overall i was pleased with my meals. i ordered the meals without any of the snacks and felt only slightly hungry for the first few days and by the end i could not finish the meals. everything was of good quality, but the only complaints i have are that they could use a bit more variety and the ground turkey was not very palatable after being heated in the microwave

            if it helps...i also tried freshology fresh dining. the quality of produce is definitely better at paleta, but they don't include as much fresh fruit if that is any importance to you.

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              Thank you Juniebjun, that was so helpful!

              I have been doing Freshology Fresh Dining for quite sometime, and, until recently, I found it excellent. But something has changed and, in my opinion, the food now tastes about on par with the prepackaged food that I could pick up at Trader Joe's or the supermarket. I literally dread each day's food arrival from Fresh Dining. All the produce tastes seriously industrial and the meat is not so great either., So I am looking for alternatives.

              I'll probably give Paleta a try. Monotony in food choices doesn't bother me, so long as the food is good (of course to get the same tasteless meal day after day is not so good).