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paleta meal delivery service

has anyone used this service? I am thinking about doing this for a healthy, gourmet, portion-controlled service and am wondering how the food/experience has been for people...
I am also open to other suggestions- preferably organic food..

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  1. I haven't used the meal delivery service, but Paleta catered an event for me in February. They made boxed lunches - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian that were AWESOME. (and that's saying something...since boxed lunches usually are not anywhere near awesome.).

    I also really liked planning and working with Kelly and Jason - they are so pleasant, responsive and they listened to what I wanted. Based on this experience with Paleta, I am hoping to use their service in the fall, when I need it for a while.

    1. Foodie5, did you try it? I'm thinking of doing it myself and am looking for more feedback.

      1. i tried paleta for 20 days and overall i was pleased with my meals. i ordered the meals without any of the snacks and felt only slightly hungry for the first few days and by the end i could not finish the meals. everything was of good quality, but the only complaints i have are that they could use a bit more variety and the ground turkey was not very palatable after being heated in the microwave

        if it helps...i also tried freshology fresh dining. the quality of produce is definitely better at paleta, but they don't include as much fresh fruit if that is any importance to you.

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          Thank you Juniebjun, that was so helpful!

          I have been doing Freshology Fresh Dining for quite sometime, and, until recently, I found it excellent. But something has changed and, in my opinion, the food now tastes about on par with the prepackaged food that I could pick up at Trader Joe's or the supermarket. I literally dread each day's food arrival from Fresh Dining. All the produce tastes seriously industrial and the meat is not so great either., So I am looking for alternatives.

          I'll probably give Paleta a try. Monotony in food choices doesn't bother me, so long as the food is good (of course to get the same tasteless meal day after day is not so good).

        2. I tried Sunfare- am still using it now. The food is awesome and fresh. I bought the Fresh check coupon from Paleta and am going to try them next month to see the difference.

          I have friends who also use Sunfare and love it and also have friends who have tried Fresh DIning/Freshology. They didn't like it after awhile and didn't think the quality was appropriate for the price and wasn't enough food- if that helps.

          Did you ever try Paleta?


          1. I never did end up trying Paletta. The website is a nightmare and when I tried to make contact by phone, they were rude. Plus it is extremely pricey. I ended up doing www.thefreshdiet.com (not to be confused with Freshology), which is the least expensive of all the services. Plus you get to choose your meals every day. The food is not super gourmet (you won't think you are dining at a four star restaurant), but it is tasty enough for my purposes, I am never hungry, the pricing enables me to stay on it longterm and, best of all, I have lost a ton of weight.

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              Thanks! Rude is no good! I am going to look up Fresh Diet. Any delivery, customer service or quality issues? Pick your own food, good food, weight loos and cheaper? Sounds great to me. I want to compare. With Sunfare I can pick my own food but I am always looking for something new or better:) Thanks.

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                I have not had any issues at all with the Fresh Diet. Some of the desserts are better than others -- I mostly stick to the cheesecakes. If you call and book for a longer time, they will give you a really good rate. I didn't do that though when I first signed up because I just wanted to test it for a week to see if I could stand the food.

                Sunfare is the one program I have not tried, so I don't know how the food compares. However, I think Sunfare is more expensive, so I personally wouldn't switch even if the food were better because my interest is the least expensive program that works and whose food I can stand. If you require super gourmet, then I think you may be disappointed in the Fresh Diet.

                Also, even though I am female, I am doing the male portions on the Fresh Diet. I knew I did not want to be hungry all the time. I have still lost a ton of weight. I doubt I would have lost quicker on the female portions because I think I would have been tempted to cheat a bit.

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                  Sounds great thanks. So they are calorie controlled to lose weight - that's great.
                  I think I'll try the 7 days to make sure I like it.

                  Sunfare ends up about 53$/day with BLD. The food is really good but what I like is it's fresh.
                  Thanks for the info

                  BLD Restaurant
                  7450 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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                    If Sunfare is $53 a day, I assume the food is much better than Fresh Diet and you may be disappointed with Fresh Diet. I got a Black Friday special of $30 a day.

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                      7 day pick your own food is 59$ on the Fresh Diet website. Maybe I'll call and see if there are specials. There are thousands on their FB page so it must b good. You like the food and aren't hungry and are losing weight. Sounds good.

            2. I tried Paleta for a three month period. It is very pricey, & the portions are tiny, but I enjoyed it, initially. A few of the items were really tasty, but some were surprizingly bland. After my first week, some orders would arrive with items missing, with two of the same meal, or the item mislabled. Sometimes they would deliver meals made with the few items I had specified that I did not like! Since I only liked a small portion of what I was recieving & so many errors were occuring, I decided it was not worth the steep price I was paying. I heard that one or two of the RAW food themed restaurants also deliver packaged meals to your dietary needs. I assume this is also quite pricey, yet worth checking out if it within one's budget. -JET

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              1. Paletas biggest problem is their rude customer service, if you can even get in touch with them. The meals are overpriced ( they charge full price for no-meat Mondays). Meals are repetitive, choice of proteins odd and quality below par. Zen foods and Sunfare are both ten times tastier and of much higher quality. Hope this helps.

                1. I did end up trying Paleta. It sucked. The food wasnt fresh, they included things I added as no no's for me. Customer service sucked and I canceled. So far Sunfare was the best. Doing nothing now which is working better:)

                  1. Hi Michelle,

                    Yes I tried a few of the others and their customer service and the quality of the meals were all superior to Paleta, which was quite appalling with the wilted veggies, poor variety and odd choice of protein. It also struck me that you could eat out every day somewhere nice and healthy for the price : ) . The main thing though, is that after trying Paleta I did not feel heathier, did not loose weight, my skin did not look better, and I did not have more energy which is the whole point of getting help putting together nutritious meals. I am sorry but to me and my sister Paleta was a huge waste of money.

                    1. I've been doing Freshology for a while. Like it a lot and find the people very nice. My only complaint would be restrictions....hard to substitute for most things. And when you're on "The Edge", which is the high protein program, it's only on a one week rotation. So....it's the same food repeated every week. Becomes quite redundant. But it's good, albeit pricey, food.