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Trader Joe's to move into Wild Oats space

According to The Forecaster, TJ's has filed paperwork to occupy the old Wild Oats space on Marginal Way. Don't know the ETA. Looks like that facebook page "Bring Trader Joe's to Portland!" worked - 3000 fans.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG! Yay! Let this be true!!!!!

    1. This was all over the news today. I am embarrassed about how excited I am about this news.

        1. I'm with mangiamuse. It's a little weird to be this thrilled! BUT I am, I am.

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          1. re: hitpas

            Yeah, it is a little embarrassing, but I am likewise excited!

          2. This will be great for Portland....
            Whole Paychek needs competition.....!

            1. Hey folks--this is not a done deal. The FTC has to approve the sale of the lease to Trader Joe's and is accepting public comment: https://public.commentworks.com/ftc/w...

              You tell 'em!

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              1. re: sciencediet

                I'm off to make a public comment to the FTC. I'm so excited. Maybe I'll quit my job and go work at Trader Joe's. I hear they offer great benefits.

              2. Maine residents can now get ready to suffer the Trader Joe's blues.

                As soon as you find a new Trader Joe's product that you love, it's gone.

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                1. re: jackattack

                  That is not my experience with Trader Joe's. I still have stuff that I buy from TJ's that I bought 10 years ago when I live in the Southwest.

                2. OK...so I am happy and clearly Portland is better than the trek to Mass but every single week for 2 years...I have written to TJ's requesting they come to the Bangor area. Come on....you guys at least have whole foods.... Bangor/Orono/Brewer would be perfect for TJ's...it is a shopping mecca and pilgrimmage destination for people from Canada and Aroostook county.....close to Downeast and coast/summer people, lot of granola hippie/back to nature types, UMO, Husson etc, and darn it.....we deserve it up here! (But glad for my TJ fan brothers and sisters in Southern Maine.....and you can bet, I will make that trip at least once a month!!!!)