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Mar 10, 2010 09:22 AM

Good Eating in University City?

Hey folks,

A fiend's visiting from out of town and we're going to a show at Baltimore ave and Whitby, is there anything tasty around here?

We ate at Supper last night so Marigold kichen might just be more of the same. Is there a new Pennsylvania-dutch-inspired place by the R2L guy? Any good?

Any other suggestions? Something interesting and quirky? I have a car so it doesn't have to be TOO close, but I'm never in that area so it would be cool to check out something I would otherwise miss.


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  1. I haven't been to MidAtlantic, Dan Stern's (R2L guy) new place, but I haven't read a good review of it yet.

    Dock Street Brewery is right there, they make decent pizzas and beers but the service is inattentive, at best. There's also Distrito at 40th and Chestnut, that's where I'd go if I were you. A few miles west on Baltimore Ave. in Lansdowne you'll find Sycamore, a very pretty BYO which was pretty good when I was there, but the chef passed away since then so it may be a little different now.

    1. It might be more casual than what you want, but Kabobeesh at 42nd & Chestnut is awesome Pakistani food. Really spicy. But it's like a run-down diner atmosphere and no table service.

      There are a number of Ethiopian restaurants along Baltimore, and I like Abyssinia at 45th & Locust, which also has a really cool bar (Fiume) above it. If your friend likes beer, Local 44 (44th & Spruce) has a killer tap list that wasn't too affected by the recent PLCB raid when I was there on Saturday. I haven't tried a lot of their food, but what I have had was good but nothing special. There's also Vietnam Cafe (same owners as Vietnam in Chinatown) at 47th & Baltimore. No comment on quality because I don't care for the original location and everyone else loves it.

      I went to MidAtlantic and didn't find much to love. The crab scrapple did live up to the hype, though--it was awesome even though it could just as easily been called a crab cake. Overall, its not worth the price given the uneven menu. I'd skip it and go with one of the places in the neighborhood instead of an empty office office building.

      1. Actually I'm in the mood for Mexican food so Distrito it is!

        Thanks for the recs barryg, will have to try Kabobeesh and Abyssinia when I'm with scruffy university student friends.