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Mar 10, 2010 09:06 AM

From out of town - Karina's Club or Suite 701?

I'm coming from out of town to Montreal in April - going to surprise my husband for his 30th birthday. Our friends will be meeting us for a big night out.
I'm planning on a nice dinner and then a night at a club/lounge for drinks.
Please give your thoughts on Karina's Club Lounge vs. Suite 701?
Any help would be great thanks!

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  1. Karina's is on Crescent street and 701 is in Old Montreal. Very different places, very different ambiance.

    Although I can't comment too much on Karina's (Last time I was there - the only time in fact, as I don't have the intention of ever going back - I was turning 19. which was a long time ago...)... Perhaps things have changed.

    Suite 701, IMO, is a far superior choice. They offer a great drink selection. You can reserve a table for your group (without the obligatory bottle service). It used to be a very happening place, with lineups outside, but the last few times I have been, there were fewer people, but we still had a blast regardless.

    1. Completely different ...701 is a supperclub and karinas is a club lounge
      The crowd on crescent (karinas) will be in their teens and twenties and there will be more tourists.
      Time supperclub would be a closer comparison to 701 mid twenties crowd

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        Suite 701 is not the place to eat. We were a group of about 30 people sitting a different tables celebrating a colleague's retirement, ordered food from a fixed menu, and most of the food was left on the plate, whether it was the "kobe" burger, the fish and chips, the mushroom and truffle rissoto or the "organic" chicken.

      2. Forget Karina’s full, you’ll find the crowd way to young (last time I went, most people were late teens, early 20’s

        A nice place is Koko’s corner St-Laurent and Sherbrooke, at the Opus Hotel, nice atmosphere, drinks are great and they also have a nice selection.

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        1. Definitely Suite 701. It's part of a hotel (Place d'Armes) and the hotel's restaurant, Aix, is very good. Much more sophisticated vibe. Generally speaking, Crescent St. is not a spot for decent people.