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Mar 10, 2010 08:53 AM

Village Yokocho's ramen

Anyone else love the (tonkotsu) ramen here? I never hear anything about it on the boards.

I tried the Village Yokocho ramen twice, and all two times, I was blown away by the broth. This is the second ramen they list on the menu, I can't read the Chinese characters in the name, but I asked the waitress if this was tonkotsu ramen but she said no. But the broth is milky, bone-y like it's been simmered for hours. Fantastic. The noodles are whatever, the pork slices are meltingly good without being ridiculously fatty.

I've tried Minca (terrible broth, ugh), Rai Rai Ken, Ippudo and various ramen shops, but this is the one that sticks out in my mind. The broth!!!

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  1. based on your description, the broth sounds like ox-bone soup. Try Gahm Mi Oak in KTown to be sure. If you order bibim bap, they'll serve you a free bowl of the broth as a starter. otherwise, you can order Sul Long Tang, which has noodle in it.

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      Doubtful. Japanese don't really make beef-based soups and if they did, it wouldn't have ramen noodles and slices of pork.

      1. re: coasts

        haha i'm very familiar with gom tang and sul long tang (i'm korean). but thanks.

        I looked online and some other people have referred to it as tonkotsu ramen, so i'm guessing that that must be what it is, though I'm not sure why the waitress shook her head. Hakata?

      2. innnnnteresting . . . . . I have been so underwhelmed by the food there each time (usually a group outing and we order pretty much all over the menu) but never thought to go with ramen.

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          this is part of what is so surprising to me - they cater to mostly drunk college kids, at least the times i've been, so I wouldn't think they'd be out of this world good.

          that's why i put up this post - is this an overlooked/underappreciated gem? or am i just crazy?