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Mar 10, 2010 08:40 AM

NOLA 30th Birthday Dinner

Hello....Planning on going to NOLA for my sisters 30 th birthday with a group of friends. We are staying near the French Quarter. I need to know a good resturant to have dinner which is: moderate, casual, good middle aged crowd, comfy with local creole/ soul flair. We are from NYC and enjoy eating lots of comfort food rather than expensive 5 course meals at 5 star resturants. We also enjoy having drinks at lounges and hanging out. I was looking into Acme, the menu looks great because of the variety of food but, a lot of people said to avoid Acme if you're not going just to have oysters. We would be interested in a resturant like Acme that has a variety of NOLA food. Any good lounges/ bars?
Also I need a good bakery for her birthday cake. We prefer cakes that taste home made with a moist pound cake consistency and not like a basic store bought cake from a local supermarket. Any suggestions?

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  1. Jacques-Imo is perfect for a group. Very fun and eclectic. Be sure to get the shrimp and alligator sausage cheesecake! It's not near where you're staying...but I'd sugggest taking the streetcar.

    For the cake, try Sucre.

    1. Yeah, Jacque-Imo sounds like what you're looking for. Other options to consider: Cochon, Dick & Jenny's, or Atchafalaya

      My favorite cake comes from Flour Power......a short drive to Chalmette.

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        Yes, Atchafalaya is great too. I LOVE their shrimp and grits!

      2. If your group is at least 5, Jacques Imos takes resv.

          1. There are many hip restaurants that aren't overly pricey. My favorite is Domenica, but Jacques-Imos would be a good choice too. The W Hotel has a popular bar called Whiskey Blue, if you like a slightly New York-scene. If you're looking to get away from that, try the Davenport Lounge at the Ritz Carlton. If you want more of a dive bar scene, head to the Marigny neighborhood (Frenchman Street) were there are a number of cool joints to listen to music or just hang out. My favorite is DBA.