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Salad Pizza in Westchester?

Looking for diners' favorites for my blog at Westchester Magazine.

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  1. A poster here likes the salad pizza at Catania's in Yonkers, and I like the salad slice at Pizza Centre in New Rochelle.

    1. There is no salad pizza on the menu as such, but don't neglect the new Frank Pepe's on Central Park Ave in Yonkers. http://www.frankpepe.com/ The fresh clam white pie will make you forget all about salad.

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        Why would you recommend a place that doesn't serve what the writer specifically asked about? Westchester Magazine and their blog have covered Pepe's in depth.

      2. I used to like the salad slice at Gino's on Pondfield Rd West in Yonkers (Bronxville zip code) but I haven't had it in a while. I think they may have been one of the first to serve a salad slice back in the '80's

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          Funny, JMF, you're the second person I've come across that has heard that "salad pizza" has local origins. I've done some digging and couldn't actually prove it, though--which is killing me!

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            The first time I ate salad pizza was 25 years ago in Rome.

            I think the combination of vinegary salad on pizza crust is brilliant, in the same vein as adding stale bread to a salad.

        2. Can someone explain salad pizza to me? I don't get it. I was in Angelina's in Tuckahoe and they had salad pizza on display. Do you then put it in the oven to get the pizza hot, which would make the salad all wilted and slimy, or do you eat the pizza cold with the cold salad on top? Honestly, I don't know, and I don't think I get it either way!

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            The salad pizzas I've had are room temperature, and then the salad is dressed.

            If I have pizza in a regular pizza place (not Pepe's, the pizza is too good), I order a salad and throw it on my pizza slices. I enjoy it.

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              What I would really like to know about salad pizza is how to eat it. It's darn near impossible. Pick it up? Use a knife and fork? Either way, it just doesn't work, the salad falls off and you are end up with a naked crust and left to wonder, "Why did I order this?"

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                Fork and knife.

                I've never had any problem getting a forkful of salad and pizza at the same time.

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              I don't get salad "pizza" either...dressed lettuce on room temperature pizza crust--how is that pizza? To each his/her own...

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                Lol. I am with you after reading the explanations of salad pizza. When I went to Pepe's recently, I ordered a salad first (which is excellent, btw), and then I had the pizza. No falling lettuce, no room-temperature pizza, I guess that is how I like my salad pizza!

            3. Re Aldo on Halstead Avenue in Harrison does an excellent salad pizza!

              1. I like the salad pizza at Villagio Pizzeria on Central Avenue by the Xmas Tree Shop Store. I don't like the salad slice at Catania's - too much raw garlic. (Who can digest that much raw garlic? I wish I could.)

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                  I love the salad slice at Il Bacio in Bronxville... its really not THAT great but the fact that it has huge chunks of avocado is good enough for me :-) But its super expensive, but then again, the slice is the size of my steering wheel haha

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                    Avocado, nice touch. Nothing like a good slice of salad pizza to make one smile.

                    Sounds like it's worth a trip.

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                    I had the salad slice at Catania's yesterday and wish it had lots of garlic. It was an interesting looking slice. Thick with raw spinach and topped with a thick layer of tomatoes. but lacked flavor. Ended up drowning it with the balsamic dressing that came with it and still boring.

                  3. I haven't had it in a while, but Sal's in Mamaroneck makes a great salad pizza.

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                      I also enjoy the salad pizza at Sal's.

                    2. deannas II pizza in chester heights

                      1. Re Aldo on Halsead in Harrison makes a very nice salad pizza.

                        1. It's amusing that I'm chiming in on this thread. I personally don't like most salad pizza, and the slice I had a few days ago was the first in decades.

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                            The salad pizza at Dom & Vinnie's in Briarcliff, right next door to Curves is very good. What makes it special are the artichokes. I also put a little bit of their dressing on it. Delicious!

                          2. I don't normally order it anymore, because I've only found a few places whose salad pizza I like. S&J on Garth Road had great salad pizza when I lived there (five years ago) and the last time I was there it was good, but not great. The best salad pizza (with a twist) was the Tuna Salad slice at the Pizzeria on Virginia Road approaching Westchester Community College. Not sure of the name or if it's even still open, but they had the bets Salad, the best Tuna Salad, and the best Lasagna slices I've ever tasted in Westchesteer County.

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                              The pizzeria with the Tuna slices is called Gianfranco's. It's still open. I adore those slices. Tuna on pizza sounds bizzare but anyone I've had try it loves it..provided they eat tuna fish of course. They're chicken scarp slices are good. All-in-all they're a good spot. I don't work or live in that area anymore, but whenever I'm around, I stop in and grab a tuna slice.. I kinda want one now!

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                                Sounds very interesting.

                                Their menu is considerable, have you ever eaten there for other than pizza?


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                                  "have you ever eaten there for other than pizza?"

                                  I have, and they're not bad. The service was outstanding, but then we were the only people there, albeit it was 9:00pm.

                                  It isn't great, it isn't even Silvio's, but it is another nice place to go, and I still have to try the tuna pizza.

                                  Thanks for the pointer, danigirl.

                            2. The best salad pizza I have had is the greek salad pizza at The Horseman in Sleepy Hollow on Route 9. They also have a great white pizza.

                              1. I love the salad pizza at Mario's in Mt. Kisco next to the train station. I think I've heard it referred to as Grandma's pizza as well. It's square, heated up, and absolutely delicious.

                                1. Chicken Ceasar Salad pizza at Broadway in White Plains. Best salad pizza I ever had.

                                  1. Nonna's on Lake street in White Plains, Euro Pizza in white plains and Broadway Pizza in WP best salad Pizza

                                    Euro Pizza
                                    103 N State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

                                    1. A week or two ago I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad slice at Gino's on Pondfield Rd West in Yonkers and it was amazing. I could pick it up and eat with my hands, held together well... it blew me away. They only have them at lunch time and I haven't been able to get another one yet since I always go by too late in the day.

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                                        I now get the grilled chicken caeser salad slice from gino's about once a week. Whoever took over making pizza there the past 8-10 months is very good. All their pies are excellent nowadays. The caeser salad slice is on a thin crispy, cracker crust.

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                                          I used to really like the Catalania's spinach and tomato salad slices. What a shame it's not so great anymore.

                                          I've heard (never verified) that the salad slice originated in Fort Lee, NJ at the Fort Lee Pizzeria. I have no idea if it's true, but it's definitely the first place I had it.