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Mar 10, 2010 08:08 AM

Sunday Supper

After a long, cold and wet winter, we're finally ready to do some grilling this Sunday. I've invited my parents over for dinner and plan on grilling filet mignon. That's where my inspiration ends. I'd like to do an app or two, some kind of potato side and some kind of spring vegetable side. I'm in NC. Also, dessert is always an after thought because I don't care for it, but I'd like to make something nice. I'll be at a St. Patrick's Day parade and party all day Saturday so it all needs to be assembled and done btwn 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Sunday. There will be 6 of us. TIA

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  1. Spring means asparagus and strawberries; simply grilled asparagus with lemon butter and strawberries with warm orange balsamic reduction and whipped cream is just about the easiest thing to do. For a potato, you could grill some blanched slices of potatoes along with the steaks (drizzle with a marinade made with fresh onions & garlic). Instead of an appetizer, perhaps a salad to start off the meal.

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      Perhaps a spinach salad with strawberries in it?

    2. Pickle some hard boiled eggs in beet vinegar overnight. The next day you'll have bright red eggs with a slight tang, perfect for deviling. Crab-stuffed mushrooms might also complement your steaks. Grill sliced eggplants, dress with oil, balsamic and a touch of honey and toss with mint, goat cheese, pomegranate seeds and basil and you've got your salad ready before you've roasted your potatoes with garlic for another simple side.

      1. For the potatoes, I have done BBQ Potatoes many, many times. You can either do these in a foil packet or use a disposable tin. Everyone loves these. So quick and easy! No pealing, no fuss, no muss!

        1. I think Pioneer Woman's crash potatoes would be great. You get small or new potatoes and boil them until just done. Spread them on an oiled cookie sheet and then mash each down with a spatular so they flatten a bit and burst apart. Drizzle some olive oil and season however you want. Then, broil them (or just cook in a very hot oven) so the tops brown and get crispy. Also, the boiling can be done ahead of time.

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            I've done those, fine cooking also had a spread. They are definitely delish!

            A potato gratin can be done ahead and baked day of. I like a gorgonzola gratin with beef.

            Grilled asparagus are classic. You can also take some pretty farmer'r veggies like quartered red onion and large mushrooms, marinated in a little oil, s&p, and grill them alongside the beef or asparagus.

          2. Potatoes.

            Make them the Italian way: boil them, slice them into a bowl. Then olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh chopped parsley. Simple flavors that should not detract from the filet.