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Mar 10, 2010 08:05 AM

Those fresh leafy celery tops

The beautiful green of those always fresh-looking leaves on top of the celery stalk are *just plain bitter* if you taste them--should I be so anxious to put them in soups etc. ?

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  1. I love celery leaves! My mother always used them is soups, so I do to. I also rough chop them and mix into salads. By all means, use them.

    1. I ALWAYS use celery leaves, in fact, I prefer them to the actual celery and always make sure to find a head with a lot of good looking leaves when I buy the celery. I add them to pasta & potato salads, stuffings, soups, etc.

      1. i agree with the others: celery leaves ARE great. i imagine it'd be nice enough to make a pesto with.

        (what to do with all the stalks afterwards?)

        1. YES! I love them! In fact, I dry them in a hand strainer so I have them on hand all the time. Love them crumbled into TJ's Roasted Pepper and Tomato soup.

          1. Agree with the other responses that they're keepers. They are great for soups and stocks, or stick some inside a chicken or turkey before you roast it. Also, try them chopped into salads and slaws for extra taste.