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Mar 10, 2010 08:01 AM

Week day lunch Dim-Sum

Going to Chinatown tomorrow. Who has the best selection/quality?

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  1. I am always happy with Chau Chow City (upstairs, 3rd floor is best, IMO). Great variety and quality with cart service rather than menu ordering. Lots of seafood dimsum, which I prefer. Don't miss the extra station set up near the kitchen. That's usually where the clams/black bean sauce are.

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      Also like Chau Chow but was not sure about their weekday selection.


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        The baked in shell mussels are a fav.

          1. I'd give a shout out to Great Taste for a weekday lunch. They don't have carts, and they don't specialize in dim sum, but I've tried a few of their items and they were very tasty.

            if you go, do yourself a favor and order the fried turnip cake with XO sauce. They were excellent, and by far the best I've had (far superior's to Gitlo's version). Cubes of turnip (daikon) cake are fried 'til the inside is gooey soft, crispy on the outside and with just the right amount of xo bits. My dad couldn't stop raving about them.

            1. Went to Chau Chow City. I thought the selection was great for a week day. Everything we had was very good to great. From there we hit Great Taste Bakery for the Spicy/Salty Fried Pork Rib plate. Also had a curried noodle dish, beef with chow foon noodle and Spicy/Salty fried squid . Finished off with some custard tarts at Hing Shing Pastry. Then I picked up some Shrimp Egg Foo Young from the New Golden Gate. It was good but not like the old Golden Gate.


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                Wow...........quite the Chinese odyssey! Sounds great.........

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                  yup! i agree, i miss the old Golden Gate, i miss the Roast beef and gravy with different combi, i miss the har kew with fried noodles, i miss the ribs with black bean sauce. that was an old dtyle cantonese, nothing like Golden Gate anymore.

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                    The Roast Beef was a “STANDING RIB ROAST” which they had available every day until it ran out. I t was not on the English menu so a lot of people did not know about it. Of course if you went to the restroom and looked into the kitchen you could see it sitting on the shelf. I would get mine with some sort of mixed vegetables. You could substitute pan fried noodles on the rice plates. Roast Pork with Bean Sprouts and Pea Pods over Pan Fried Noodles YUMMMMMMMM!

                    They made a great gravy for their Egg Foo. Very good Roast Pork Wonton soup and Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce. Always finished with an Egg Custard tart if they had not run out.

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                      We had a similar day. Couldn't decide between dim sum at Winsor or New we ate at NS and got takeout from Winsor for later, also the egg custard and taro root from Hing Shing and a pork curry pastry from 101 Bakery.

                      I was a long ago fan of Golden Gate but never knew about the prime rib til now. You might want to check out Jade Garden; which also does a prime rib/ribeye dish..don't know if they have the whole roast back there, but it's a good dish.