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Mar 10, 2010 07:53 AM

Seeking a Good Bakery in Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights

Moved to Brooklyn recently and while I've found a good butcher (Paisano's is just a block away from me on Smith) and a place for sweets (One Girl), I have found nowhere to buy fresh bread and rolls.

Any ideas? Nothing has jumped out at me in the last five months.

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  1. Now that spring is here, take a walk down to Carroll Gardens, to Mazzola's on the corner of Union and Henry.

    1. Whoa. That's a first, because the hood is crawling with good bakeries. I mean per sq foot it must have the most of any neighborhood in Brooklyn! Mazzola on Henry, Caputos on Court, a few doors down is Monteleone/Cammareri (sp?), Brooklyn Bread Co on Court, Stinky on Smith, Marquet Patisserie on Court. That's a start.

      1. Yes. Many bakeries to choose from. Nothing on the level of, say, Sullivan St. Bakery, but good enough. Most do certain things better than others.

        The olive bread, double sesame and ciabatta at Caputo's are quite good.

        Marquet for French baguette.

        Mazzola makes good morning pastry-type items.

        Court St. bakery for Italian sweets and ices.

        Oh...and if you ever want to take a walk over to Red Hook, Baked is a really fun place. Kicks One Girl's butt.

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          Thanks very much! I will check out Court Street and Marquet this weekend.

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            Don't forget the lard bread at Mazzola... It's probably the best in the city.

          2. There are also breads up at Damascus Bakery and Sahadi, on Atlantic Avenue.
            Brooklyn Bread, on Court down in the numbered streets, is a Royal Crown Bakery outlet (wet dough chewy country italian types) Mazzola has some very good breads too.

            1. The croissants and other baked items at La Petite Provence on Smith are good. (The restaurant is not.)

              A little farther afield, Betty Bakery on Atlantic near Nevins has wonderful butter cookies by the pound (cheaper than One Girl, if not as intense) and fabulous cakes. I'm particularly fond of the orange chocolate bundt cake, which you can buy by the slice.

              There is nothing finer than fresh pita bread at Damascus Bakery. You'll never buy that cardboard grocery store crap again. A lot of people love his baklava and other middle-eastern sweets, too. Well-behaved visiting children get little donut cookies gratis.

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                Damascus Bakery is great. Nice savory pastries too.