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Mar 10, 2010 07:34 AM

food pairing help

I have planned my wines for my 'unheardof' tasting.

My usual wine guru was not available and I am a little unsure about the pairings suggested. I also need help with the order. I am open to changing some of the food, we are doing small plates (tapas style) of these items.

Torrontes - seared tuna with avocado, ginger, lime and cilantro
Vermentino - pesto shrimp
Rousanne - cheese plate
Mencia - trying to decide between a tomato based fish stew or wild mushroom soup
Negroamaro: seared duck salad with currant port reduction
Xinomavro: grilled lamb & chicken kebabs
Tokaji (3): tarte tatin


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  1. My two cents...I think you've done just fine.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Ditto. I pretty much like all these pairings. Enjoy!

    2. Sounds delicious: nice choices, good sequence. I'd only suggest that if possible, get a Vermentino (di Gallura, say) with a little more heft and character than the usual offerings by Sella+Mosca, etc, or under the Aragosta label. Otherwise, you might end up with the Torrontes and the Vermentino tasting too much alike. The varietals are, of course, different enough, but at some price points, it seems that Chilean sauvignon blanc, vermentino, and torrontes are all made for the same global palate.

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      1. re: bob96

        thanks! this Torrontes (IMO) is not at all like the Vermentino, although I have not tasted them side by side. I actually hated the Torrontes on first taste & smell (way too floral for me), but once it was paired with the tuna/avocado/ginger/lime, it was really enjoyable. The Vermentino I liked right away and knew it would only be better with the pesto shrimp.