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Mar 10, 2010 07:20 AM

Austin Hits the Big Time: New York Times and John T. Edge Weigh in on our Breakfast Taco Scene

I love that he found La Flor down on South 1st street but he missed their best item; tacos Desebrada.

Where are y'all going to get your breakfast tacos?

Who's been to Tamale House of late?

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  1. I read this story earlier this morning and I was just wondering what you and MPH thought of it.

    I tend to stay close to my home and go to Pablitos frequently - - their tacos are good but not heavenly but they have good salsa. However, I know several people that prefer their menudo and their tamales to their tacos.

    Tamale Home is in the words of my better half, "cheap and filling" and their salsas are great but I think its overrated. Their migas are terrible.

    1. La Tapatia at 183 and Anderson Mill. Favorite combo's: 1) Chorizo and egg 2) Bacon, Egg, Bean and cheese. I always ask for the jalapeno salsa and it takes the whole thing to another level. Cheap, fast and delicious!

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      1. re: missmitzi

        I live down the street from Tamale House, which of course does not offer tamales. I'm not a big fan of waiting in line for 20+ minutes to get what are really bare-bones two topping tacos. The eggs suffer from mass production. But the price can't be beat.

        I'm a fan of Screaming Goat's chorizo breakfast tacos, btw.

        1. re: missmitzi

          what is the jalapeno salsa like?
          i have never seen it there.
          if it's like the dona sauce at tacodeli, i am on it!

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            You have to ask for it and it is similar to the dona sauce at tacodeli. I love it so.

            1. re: missmitzi

              thank you SO much for letting me know-- i will definitely do that next time!

        2. i agree with heyzeus212. i am a fan of places that actually cook my taco for me, not take the makings out of some bin that has been sitting for who knows how long. That's why i don't do Taco Shack. Old, stale, cold eggs just don't make it. That leads me to taco trucks like Taqueria Star or One Taco.

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          1. re: mkfoodie

            I was excited to read this this morning. I'm a big fan of La Guera on S. Lamar (orange trailer) as it's on my way to work, cooked to order, and they're the nicest people. Always a bacon, egg and cheese for me with red sauce.

            If I don't have any cash on me, then I stop in at Lift Cafe for a Jess's Special from Taco Deli with some Doña Salsa.

            After reading the article, I'm going to try the Porfino's trailer near my house.

            1. re: foodiegal71

              I second La Guera. Potato, egg & cheese for me.

          2. Like the others who have posted here, H and I stick close to home for our breakfast tacos. La Fogata trailer, located in the parking lot of a car wash on Burnet just south of 183, is close by and exceptionally good. It's the venture of a lovely woman from San Luis Potosi. All tacos are made to order with good, properly cooked ingredients. I usually get a chorizo/egg and a potato/egg. H usually gets a bean/egg and potato/egg. She has a couple of incendiary salsas, one red and one green, that are delicious. The red is made from dried chiles and the green from, I believe, jalapenos. They're a buck each with 2 ingredients before noon and $1.25 after.

            Her menu also includes a couple of specialties from her hometown - alambres and enchiladas potosinas. I particularly love the alambres which is pork shoulder and bacon cooked on the griddle with some peppers and onions mixed in, queso fresco on top and served with avocado slices and corn tortillas. It's delicious. H and I also particularly enjoy the taco de chicharron. The pork belly is marinated in some blazing hot concoction, cooked to a lovely, creamy consistency on the griddle and topped with chopped onion and cilantro. So good.

            I feel lucky to have this truck so nearby. Besides La Fogata, there's not any decent Mexican food of any sort for miles and miles and miles.

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            1. re: agoodbite

              Yeah, this is the place right next to the Burnet Road Animal Hospital. But, no kidding, I ordered a taco one morning and reached in my pocket to find I had no money of any kind. She just shrugged it off and said pay tommorrow. I went by and paid her (she had actually forgotten about it) and gave her a nice tip (yeah, like 50 cents,whoopee) and she took it and said I had a credit there. Go figure.

              What I don't like about those NYT articles about Austin (about 15 years ago there was an artice about the Dobie Theatre) is that every time one appears that means another 10,000 people move here!

            2. The breakfast taco is certainly more fetishized in Austin than anywhere else and there is more variety here than most places. And yet, as someone who grew up eating breakfast tacos south of Austin, I think San Antonio and south Texas get the short shrift here as the story and its narrative are so Austin-centric. I doubt anyone cares in either place, and I think the story has more appeal for the Times as a chronicle of Eccentric Austin, but I can't help resenting it a little bit!

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              1. re: The Eater

                agreed, while i am a native of austin the mexican in sa blows the stuff here out of the water. of course despite sa being way bigger austins got more indie white people so...

                1. re: glorpisgod

                  Agreed, but I suspect the audience is targeted in this article as SXSW is approaching. Best breakfast tacos I've ever had were from a taqueria in San Antonio with in-house made tortillas and the toppings cooked to order. Nothing in Austin has ever compared tastewise to those. Machacado, egg, and cheese. Chilaquiles oozing with red chile sauce. Mmmm.

                  As for Austin-based outfits, I do like Tio Dan's in Round Rock. If I'm making an early IKEA run (because any later than 11 is insanity). two of their sausage and potato tacos hit the spot. Tapatia on Anderson Mill is alright, too.

                  1. re: verily

                    Can you divulge the name of the San Antonio shop where you partook of the deliciousness?

                    1. re: scrumptiouschef

                      I knew that question would come up and honestly I'm not too sure of the name, but it was within walking distance of my sister's place. After a little googling, I believe it's Taqueria Chapala Jalisco near San Antonio College.

                        1. re: bookgrrl72

                          Taco Taco is also within walking distance, but we avoided it because it would've been crowded. I would like to try it out sometime to see if it lives up to its hype.