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Mar 10, 2010 07:03 AM

buffalo wings in CT

I have had them at J.Tim's, Slider's, and Plan B. Interested to hear about other places people think have good ones. Someone said The Corner Pug in WHart has good ones. Can anyone confirm? I like them crispy.

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  1. Archie Moore's are my favorite, there are a couple of locations around CT. Also Porkys in Shelton are very good.

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    1. re: achamp368

      WOW. A Porky's in Shelton reference.
      I haven't been there in 15+ years (back in the 10 cent wing and pitcher of Natural Light days) but if the wings are anything like they used to be back then, then I'd highly 2nd that recomendation.
      Other than that, Archie Moore's has been my go to for wings when I get the craving.

      1. re: foleyd7

        PS: neither Porky's (from the past) nor Archie Moore's makes a "crispy" wing as some people have referenced. Personally I don't like mine crispy at all - - - it's more about heat and texture (sauce not too thick nor too watery) when I go for them.

    2. Just a tip on those at J. Tims (cause I like them crispy too). Try them Dirt Style but ask them to sauce them only once (but give you some buffalo sauce on the side). They're nice and crispy that way.

      I hope someone replies about the C-Pug because I live nearby and love that place---but I've never thought of ordering wings there.

      1. This seems to be a perennial question. This might help:
        We eat Archie Moore's, but they aren't crisp. About the only time I will ever eat them is when someone drags me there and orders them. Crisp sounds good.

        1. My wife and I really enjoy the wings at O'Grady's in Niantic. Very crispy and you can order various levels of potency.

          1. I like them at Slider, J. Tims and also Archie Moores, but my favorite is Bidwell Tavern in Coventry. Crispy ,and a big variety with reasonable prices. You can order the tavern platter which is 3 different flavors (about 30 wings) for $18.00. Lots of beer choices too. Also if you do order them from Sliders, you can always ask for extra crispy and they will accomodate.

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            1. re: hotwing

              A UConn alum here who is in complete agreement with the Bidwell recommendation. The Cajun spice are my personal favorite.

              1. re: hotwing

                ABSOLUTELY agree on the Bidwell Tavern. I have tried them all, and these are by far the best IMO