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Just Bought LeCreuset 8 quart oval oven in Cobalt-hard to find!

I've been wanting an oval oven in a bigger size, but the 9.5 quart seemed too big for my needs. Searching on Amazon, i came across an 8 quart oval for $295. I searched other venues to find a cheaper price, but turns out, that nobody carries the 8 quart oval! Someone had posted here on a 2007 thread about the 8 quart oval and how it wasn't widely available.

anyone have any ideas? I just hope it isn't a fake b/c i bought it already. BTW, irawoodsinc.com carries the 8 quart oval, and it's the only retailer outside amazon.com to do so.

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  1. It's possible it's just not in production anymore.. however, you could contact the company and see if you can get a direct response from them.
    Maybe someone else here will actually have one as well and be able to ease your mind.
    In the meantime.. I hope you enjoy it when it arrives!


    1. I have an 8 qt oval in blue(possibly cobalt, i can't keep track of all the color names). It was a gift from my mom a few years ago. She got it from Costco. She also got my sister on in red at the time. I assumed it was a special run for Costco at the time. Is yours direct from Amazon or through the marketplace? Might be some overstock that the company has recently let go to market.

      1. Bloomingdales has this often on sale. This piece as well as their 4.5 or maybe less. Keep watching their sales and you will find it there.

        1. For what it's worth the 33cm (7.5L/8Q) is still available in europe, I doubt it will be fake - probably a discontinued line or direct import...

          1. Arupiper, JFYI but there is another retailer carries it.

            As blondelle mentioned, I have also seen the 8 qt oval at Bloomies. I personally don't believe Amazon sells a fake, but if any concern, call up LC customer service and ask. Congratulation on your new LC! I have a 6.75 oval and love it! I think 8 qt oval is a good find as I algree that 9.5 qt oval is a monter to lift.

            1. I'm sorry, but I posted before I realized you had already bought it. Check your order to see if it already shipped if you change your mind. You can also refuse it and you will get all your money back from Amazon. Bloomies had it a few months ago and it's an item they have a promotional price on during their sale. I would wait if getting it from Amazon for their free gifts. They were giving away for several months a $70 LC crock and silicone spatula set with a $179 or more purchase.

              1. Have you tried the LC outlet stores?

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                  the closest outlet store to me is 3 hours away :(

                  Anyway, i tracked my package and it is due to arrive today. we'll see what we have.

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                    Keep in mind the outlet stores will ship free if over $100.
                    I found them to be very good at picking out a second that only had one pin dot of mismatched paint!

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                      What I should have said was to phone the outlet stores to see if they had what you were looking for.

                  2. I got home, and unwrapped the box. It is the real thing!! And it looks great alongside it's two sisters, the 5.5 Dijon Round and the 5 quart Flame braiser.

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                      Congratulations on your third baby LC:) What are you cooking with it as your inagulation?

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                        I'll be cooking my Vegetable Power! Chili The 8 qt size will be perfect for it.

                        Here's the recipe:

                        1 can black beans
                        1 can pintos
                        1 can of Bush's Chili Beans, medium
                        I yellow pepper
                        2 poblano peppers
                        1 orange pepper
                        2 tomatoes
                        1 large onion
                        6 cloves garlic
                        2 cans tomato sauce
                        4 cans water
                        1 chipotle pepper, chopped, with 2 tblspoons of the adobo sauce.
                        chili powder
                        a bit of rosemary.

                        Rinse beans and put into pot. Cut up vegetagbles and put into pot. then put in the spices, oil and all the peppers. Bring to a medium boil, then simmer for 2 hours.It tastes best the next day. Serve with shredded cheese and blue corn chips.

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                          Sounds great! I wish I coud join your inagulation party! When do you expect your next Baby LC ? :) I wish LC had a customer royality stamp/milage card you know. Collect a stamp for each one and when you get 5, you get one free:) I have 4 do and 1 skillet and need another one!:)

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                            I think three babies is enough for me! I really think my collection is complete, i have a round, an oval, and a braiser (i cook for 4 people). Now i can enjoy them.

                            I'm too attached to my all-clad stainless skillets to ever replace them.

                            I do want the LeCreuset Butter Bell though!