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Mar 9, 2010 04:12 PM

Red cabbage in corned beef and cabbage?

Okay, this may be a lame question...but I am a first time corned beef & cabbage maker; is it a huge no-no to use red cabbage? It's what I have on hand, though I will go get green cabbage if it's mandatory!

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  1. It might be okay, but to my taste red cabbage needs a lot more help in the flavor department. Cabbage keeps extremely well with minimal trouble, and it's really cheap, so I'd go get the green kind. White Rose potatoes are my local spuds of choice for this.

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    1. re: Will Owen

      I'm afraid The appearance of the combination would be unappettizing. Get a green head and use the red for another dish.

    2. Not exactly what your'e looking for but this braised red cabbage is easy and delicious.

      I add a roughly chopped Granny Smith apple or two and some caraway seeds. It's excellent with sauerbraten which is, after all, German corned beef. ;>

      1. The color from the red cabbage will unfortunately discolor the rest of the meal. I'd stick with green and make a slaw or soemthing else with the red. You could cook it separately but one of the best things about the meal is how the flavors meld together during cooking...

        Good luck!

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          ladyberd, you just nailed something that bothers me about most modern recipes for CB&C: the insistence that everything should be cooked separately, so that each item tastes only or mostly of its own sweet self. Hey, guys, it's a STEW, if you haven't noticed! Now, of course you're going to add each thing at the right point to make sure it doesn't over- or under-cook, but the various vegetables and the meat are supposed to meld their flavors into that glorious, harmonious whole. I do think some judicious tweaking, such as adjusting the amount of liquid to keep it from being too diluted and soupy, or straining and re-adding it to clear out some not-so-tasty solids, is a good idea. But this is cottage food, not to be over-refined or heavily fussed over.

          1. re: Will Owen

            I agree with letting a stew be a stew, but in this particular case the red cabbage will be grey and the potatoes will be pink--in this case only green cabbage should be used. But then definitely let it comingle!! Oh the flavor.
            There are other wonderful uses for the red cabbage, as noted.

            1. re: blue room

              I only add cabbage at the very end, and prefer it slightly wilted rather than cooked to death. On the one occasion that I decided to use the red cabbage I had on hand rather than go to the store to buy a green head, it was okay, but the flavor was not exactly the same as when I use green. The potatoes did not turn pink, they were fine. The trick is to add the cabbage for only a few minutes to warm and wilt it, not to cook it to smithereens.