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How do you like your KimChee? (Festival!)

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Hi all - There's a short article today in the Globe about a KimChee festival on March 21 - Wowee, Zowee! Who woulda thunk it?

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    1. Ha ha. How appropriate I opened and read this while I was simultaneously feeding myself forkfuls of assorted kimchi I selected and bought at HMart yesterday. Great stuff!

      1. This is epic! I love kimchi. Thanks for sharing -- I will definitely be in attendance.

        1. Hmm, it's not too late to enter the actual kimchi contest either, I see. Make a batch this weekend and enter it in the contest a week later, in its mildly fermented stage. Details are on the site linked from the boston.com website.

          Anyone think their homemade masterpiece might measure up to mine?

          1. Looks interesting! i have been enjoying "Sunja's Radish Kimchee" from whole foods...Kim Chee is also healthy, I have learned, as it is a Probiotic food :)

            1. I am SO bummed we missed this! I remember the day... we were at Rockin' K Cafe in Bridgewater for breakfast, trying to decide what to do with the rest of the day. At that moment in time, sitting out in the sun on one of the first beautiful days of spring... hurrying in to West Roxbury sounded like too much work.

              What were we thinking?!?!?!? I LOVE KIMCHI! :(

              Trumpetguy, thanks for the recommendation on Sunja's. I've been eyeing it for months at WF but keep procrastinating, thinking it can't compare to homemade versions where I used to work. I've been satisfying my lacto-fermented cravings with the sauerkraut made by RealPickles in Greenfield, MA. Truth is, part of the beauty of kimchi is that there ARE so many versions, and it just comes down to personal preference of heat, sour, crunch, etc.

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                I haven't tried Sunja's, but I will have to.

                The kimchi varieties at John's Market (the little Korean market in Allston) are all delicious and very fresh tasting as well.

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                  Oh. I am happy to help, Globalgourmand--Glad you liked it :) WF has it on sale recently, so I bought a few extra jars of that radish kimchee--I am sweating typing about it now--I love that :)