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Mar 10, 2010 05:51 AM

Sterling/Potomac Falls, Ashburn/Leesburg Va Ethnic Restaurants

I'm looking for the best ethnic food restaurants -- of any type -- in the Sterling/Potomac Falls, Ashburn/Leesburg area. Anyone have any good leads? Thanks a million....

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  1. Two weeks ago, I took my family to Cherry Blossom, which is a new Afghan restaurant in Sterling (46110 Lake Center Plaza, Sterling VA 20165). It was AMAZING! The best thing about it is that they offer a lunch (9.95) AND dinner buffet (14.95). My family likes variety. We went for dinner and they had 4 types of kabob, 3 types of rice, about 6 side dishes, salad, dessert and soup.

    1. Both near Dranesville Rd and Rt 7; Thai by Thai, and the Mexican/Central American joint under the clock tower and a bit to the left. There's a pho place up there I keep meaning to try.

      There's a thai place in a gas station in Leesburg that has gotten good reviews here, but I haven't had it myself. Also a German beer and brat place IIRC in Leesburg, but again haven't been myself.

      Grill Kabob (a few locations but one is actually in the Mall foodcourt) is actually pretty good. The sides are good as well. A little subpar of Charcoal Kebab in Herndon, imo, but definitely good.

      And - regionally "ethnic" but Windy City Red Hots :)

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        1. We just returned from a visit to the Ashburn, VA area. The friends we stayed with took us to Mediterranean Breeze, which had a wonderful menu of Greek foods. I had the pastitsio which came with seasoned rice and some wonderfully flavored green beans. My husband had one of the shrimp dishes and loved it. Worth checking out, if you like Greek fare. They also have Italian items on the menu, but we stayed with the Greek dishes for our visit. Atmosphere is casual, prices are reasonable, and it's family-friendly (we had our 2 yr old with us). I'd definitely return the next time we're there! http://www.mediterraneanbreezeashburn...

          Mediterranean Breeze
          20693 Ashburn Rd Ste 100, Ashburn, VA 20147

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