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Mar 10, 2010 05:45 AM

Authentic Rotisserie Chicken (take-home)

I used to live in Paris and one of the easiest and tastiest dinners was to grab a fresh rotisserie chicken that seemed to be spinning and roasting on every street corner all across the city.

I know most grocery stores (even some Target stores with food) roast these, but they tend to be loaded with bizarre/fake tasting marinades and undoubtedly, chemicals...

I have bought them at Whole Foods in the past, and they are fine, but I'd rather support a more local/independent business... any suggestions?

I work in Cranston and live in Rehoboth, so something in the Cranston, Providence, East Providence, Seekonk, Rehoboth area would be splendid. Thanks!

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  1. Sam's Club in Seekonk has great rotisserie chicken. I sometimes drive there from the cape just for the chicken.

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      Thanks Barb! I am actually a member and totally forgot that they do those! I know they are known for having a great butcher shop in general, and right on my way home. Do you think they will have any left around 5:30pm on weeknights?

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        I cannot answer that rpglancy. I know they go quickly. Here is the phone number for Sam's. 508-336-8262 - give them a call and ask. Maybe they will put one aside for you. There used to be a Sam's Club in Plymouth, MA which I enjoyed going to but it closed down in 2009.

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            (just spoke to SC-Seekonk) FYI: They roast the chickens throughout the day as they run-out and only allow them to sit, un-sold for up to 4 hours. The last batch goes in around 5pm as they take 90 minutes to roast. Though they don't take reservations or hold an individual chicken, they are happy to let you know what the supply is via telephone.

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              Thanks for the information. I bought rotisserie chicken at many different places. Sam's is the best. Grocery stores were some of the worst. Small and as you said, had an odd taste. Costco and BJ's are pretty good but I like Sam's. As a matter of fact, I have a BJ's in my refrigerator now. Not up for the drive to Seekonk at this time.

      2. BJ's is ok, but they're not a local/independent business...try the Food Chalet in Warwick, it's a great family-run store and they do up their own seasoning blend for their chickens!Super yummy, we get them all the time - anything that gets supper on the table quick and easy is good in my book! lived in Paris? How cool is that!

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          I second Food Chalet, not only for the chicken but all of their prepared food.

          1. re: FjmArch

            not to mention their bread...and cold cuts...and those twice baked potatoes...and the stuffed eggplant pizzas (which I now "have" to bring to every party we have at work!!)

        2. I really like Cabral's on Metacom Rd. in Bristol. They roast hundreds of chickens and serve them whole, or you can get wings, too. Not crazy about the BBQ sauce they serve on the side, but the chicken is great. This is a no frills kind of place, that even looks a bit grungy. You can also get stuffies, chourizo with peppers, stuffed peppers, meat pies, sandwiches, prepared salads, and stuff like that.

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            i like Cabrals chicken too,nice easy dinner...