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Mar 10, 2010 05:43 AM

Shmurah Matzah Prices in NJ/NY area

Anyone seen any good deals. Not worried about the thickness, and prefer it as they hold up better.

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  1. Shoprite has the Rokeach brand for $15.49 per pound.

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    1. re: njkosher

      I think I saw some Israeli brands at Aron's Kissena Farms in KGH for less, but I can't remember for sure what they cost. I'm thinking it was in the $11-$13 range.

    2. KRM Kollel is advertising Imported Hand Matzo starting at $8.99/lb and American Hand Matzo starting at $9.99/lb.

      Goldberg's is advertising Hand Made Shmura Matzo for $8.98/lb

      Moisha's Discount is advertising American Hand-Made Shmurah starting at $9.99/lb

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      1. re: MartyB

        MartyB - I knew I could rely on you. Time to schedule a Brookly run. $5-6 saving per pound is worth it.

        1. re: njkosher

          Arons' Kissena Farms has hand made Shmura from the Ukraine at $13.99/lb

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            Although I love a good price, I will continue to buy Charadim matzos for its thinnest and great taste. I tried some of the cheaper ones last year - tasted like cardboard - I did not try them all and this year they could be better. However even with the more expensive matzos, it is still cheaper in Boro Park so its off to Brooklyn I go.

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              Came back from Brachs, they are selling the Ukranium shmuras for $10.99/lb

              1. re: MartyB

                Are they thin or thick like the rokeach brand?

                  1. re: MartyB

                    Goldbergs has the Rokeach brand for $8.98, which is thick, but that's ok with me as I have been using it for years now. I picked up my supply yesterday, along with Pic n Pay meat run. Standing rib roast for $5.99 per lb, and first cut brisket for $6.99 cannot be beat.

                    1. re: njkosher

                      Yes, the rib roast was a steal. I really have to empty out my chest freezer since it is filled to the top and I have no idea just what is in there. I need to free up some space for some of the good deals that happen around Pesach.

                      A nice starting point to begin planning your Pesach shopping is the 5 page advertisement from Brachs. I plan on having the ad in hand and hit Gourmet Glatt first and see if any items on my list are cheaper than Brachs then complete my shopping at Brachs. I am done with my meat shopping, between Turkey from Costco, poultry from Supersol and meats from Pic-N-Pay.


                      1. re: MartyB

                        LIPA's inability to get my power restored for 3 days helped me empty all my freezers

                        1. re: berel

                          I had half my house without electricity. They finally fixed it today. It turns out the circuit that my chest freezer was plugged into was out. I did not realize it until 3 days later. It was filled to the top! Since it was closed and because it was so full it was still cold! I quickly took one on my many extension cords and plugged it in else ware. Would have been a costly loss if it spoiled lots of rib roasts, steaks, briskets, etc...

                  2. re: njkosher

                    i had the ukrainian last year and they tasted funny - also, they cracked very easily -
                    save your money....

            2. Bought the Charadim matzos from KRM Kollel - $18/lb - same price that I paid last year so I am satisfied. I really love the taste of shmura matzo and could eat it all year round if it was available. Without a doubt Charadim is the best!

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              1. re: MartyB

                Avi Glatt on Quentin Road had the Tiferes American hand shmura by Rabbi Belsky for $10/lb ($20 for 2LB box).

                1. re: jdh11

                  Rosenblum's kew Gardens had isreali matza i think for $12 i heard tiferes matza is not from this year

                  1. re: the boys

                    I'm wondering if this may be a bit LH here.

                    1. re: queenscook

                      I was also thinking that the Tiferes matzo is from last year, since the Tiferes Matzoh Bakery in Far Rockaway (Under Rav Belsky) did not open this year.