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Mar 10, 2010 05:41 AM

Locating a Restaurant in the GTA where seats are swings


I'm trying to locate a restaurant in the GTA. I searched long and hard and was unable to locate it. I believe there is a restaurant where the patrons are seated in swings. This is for a special day out. If anyone know, I very much appreciate your help! Thank you in advance!

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  1. If I recall correctly , The Richtree at Bayview and York Mills have swings for seats in one section at the back on the left .

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    1. re: itzi

      They definitely do have swings at Richtree....problem is the food is terrible!!

      1. re: swissmissy

        Thank you, both, for the info! I've read a bit about Richtree, particular at the Bayview/York Mills location, and how bad the food, service and cleanliness at the venue is. I heard that Marche is coming back but only taking over 1 or a few of the Richtree locations. Anyone been to this location recently and whether there has been an improvement?

        If there are other restaurants with swings, please let me know. I'm searching all over for a pleasant place to dine for a special day. Thank you!!