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Mar 10, 2010 02:28 AM

St Patricks Day UWS recs please!

Any recs for real corned beef- not sliced Boar's head? We have 2 young kids, so preferably recs that don't land us mid tourists drunk on green beer... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! (Great soda bread rec too if you've got one please!)

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  1. i'll be going to Kennedy's again. it's on 57th bet. 8th & 9th, so just below UWS. while it's often very busy, there are two main dining areas that are sectioned off from the front bar, so it's not so loud. last year they had a traditional menu (for Americans)...corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie,, they do a great soda bread year-round.

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    1. Not to discourage you - I love a good plate of corned beef and cabbage as much as the next guy; who wouldnt? - but you know they eat about as much corned beef and cabbage in Ireland as they do French toast in France, right? ;-) Take a look....

      (Well actually they do eat french toast in France, but they call it "pain perdu" and they didnt invent it, but I digress.


      It would certainly be bad form to make a post like that with out a suggestion (!) and as it happens there is no shortage of Irish joints on the upper west, none of which I have any personal knowledge of. Helpful, right? But here's a list I found....

      I saw a good review of P.D. O'Hurley's Pub & Restaurant and maybe others will chime in. There's no Irish stew or colcannon on the menu, (although there is bangers and mash and shepherd's pie; kinda Irish) but maybe they do it up on St. Patrick's Day. One would hope ;-)

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        I do know that this is an American interpretation of "Irish food", but since my hubby is 1/2 Irish (American style), it's his wish. I just prefer to have a tasty version of this dish. Their Italian 1/2 is "Italian American" as well. Very little of their traditions have much to do with how things are across the pond. Thanks for the tips though!

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          Of course, of course. I trust you realize my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek as I was typing, and I myself love to serve up corned beef and cabbage on St Patrick's day, along with some Irish cheeses, a little (no, a lot of) smoked salmon, various sausages, and a bathtub full of Guinness..... or Jameson's.

          Sorry I couldnt steer you to the greatest corned beef on the upper west side. Let us know if you find it.


        2. re: gavspen

          I live doors from PD O'Hurleys and can tell you that it's no good. Maybe it's fine for a beer and a bite, but I wouldn't suggest going there on purpose.

        3. Good Enough to Eat is a brunch place that is kid friendly and not typically busy during dinner. Have been on St. Patty's in years past and they had it as a special -- I would give them a call. They might even have soda bread -- their baked goods are typically good.