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Mar 9, 2010 08:26 PM

Ex-LA chowhound seeks "impossible" Anaheim advice - chow-worthy restaurants around convention center?

I spent 30+ years in LA before moving east -- now I'm returning to Anaheim for a convention and I ask the impossible - chow-worthy dinner restaurants close by Anaheim Marriott, either walking (ideal) or relatively short cab ride. Open to different ethnicities - mexican, salvadoran, vietnamese, thai, whatever -- just something distinctive and fun. Any/all thoughts welcome!

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  1. For Thai food, Renu Nakorn is up the 5. Even closer is Thai Nakorn on Garden Grove Blvd.

    1. Jaegerhaus for German is very good, not the Ball Rd. exit of the 57 freeway.

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        (Also used to go to Park Ave weekly until they took their best dishes off the dinner menu...)

      2. May I suggest Los Chilangos? I was in Anaheim for a 3 day convention last month and went there based on DU's post. It's 3.5 miles from the convention center. Link to his post with my follow up and pics.

        1. There's plenty within a 10-minute cab ride. If you absolutely have to walk, my only suggestion is Marri's Pizza on Katella and Walnut or one of the steakhouses, Ruth's Chris or Morton's. You could also walk to McCormick and Schmick's in the GardenWalk but honestly it's only worth it during happy hour when the bar menu is cheap.

          Cab rides:

          k'ya - small plates, trendy-ish setting, in the Hotel Menage, Ball and Harbor, Anaheim

          Thai Nakorn - amazing Thai, eat from the specials menu, Garden Grove Blvd and Palm St, Garden Grove

          King Harbor Seafood - excellent house-style lobster (get the yee mein with it), good American-Cantonese food, Garden Grove Blvd and Harbor, GG

          Nhu Lan Bakery - very, very good Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi), next to King Harbor

          Further out but still cab-able:

          Los Chilangos - Mexico City-style antojitos, like quesadillas de flor de calabaza, sopes de huitlacoche, pambazos (griddled chile-dipped sandwiches), etc. Euclid St and Crescent Way, Anaheim

          Park Ave Dining - 50's themed decor, Googie bar, good martinis, updated steaks-and-chops-and-fish menu with some of the produce grown on-site. Beach Blvd just south of Katella Ave., Stanton

          Fonda La Meche - like a Mexican diner, with Mexican food you probably haven't tried: aporreadillo (dried beef and eggs in guajillo chile sauce), mole de olla (Mexican beef stew with chiles, zucchini, potatoes and corn, not related to the Oaxacan or Pueblan moles), caldo tlalpe├▒o (spicy chicken and potato stew). Katella Ave and Western Ave, Stanton.

          The various places in Anaheim's Little Arabia/Little Gaza, especially if you want to eat manakeesh (Lebanese flatbread "pizzas"). Al-Amir Bakery is on the NW corner of Ball and Brookhurst, Forn al-Hara is on Brookhurst just north of Orange, al-Sanabel is on Brookhurst and Brookmore. Kareem's Falafel (where you should get hummus with beef and pine nuts) is on the SE corner of Brookhurst and Ball.

          Doner-G for Turkish food on the NE corner of Ball and State College, then walk over to Natural on State College just north of Ball (past the Carl's Jr.) for Mexican fruit salad or a chamoyada (spicy-apricot and mango shake).

          Any of the places in the Orange Circle will be a 10-15 minute cab ride from the Convention Centre.

          Tana Ethiopian is probably the furthest out, but it's delicious Ethiopian food in an ugly strip mall, just barely west of La Palma and Magnolia at the edge of Anaheim.

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            If you're going to Tana, it's actually 0.5 mi closer to get some lamb with leeks and sesame scallion bread at Ma's Islamic :)

            Mr Taster

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              Slightly OT, but have you made it to Kenyan Cuisine next to Tana yet?

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                Not yet. I always get distracted by Tana. :)

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                Thanks so much for all your specific suggestions.

                Had lunch at Nhu Lan -- superb and astonishingly cheap ($2.50 a sandwich?)

                Had one dinner at Los Chilangos. Really gave my co-workers a thrill. Much tinier than I expected, but with exceedingly friendly welcome and excellent food -- entirely unfamiliar dishes that were just recognizable enough that everyone had a ball.

                Had a final dinner at Renu Nakorn, where I'd been wanting to go ever since I lived in L.A. Very good, though as the table went "vegetarian" for the night, we missed out on most of the Northern Thai specialties.

                Thanks again for helping so much.

              3. Napa Rose in the Grand Califorian hotel at Disneyland.