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Mar 9, 2010 07:38 PM

Looking for a Good Dinner in Biloxi

I'll be visiting Beau Rivage in April and want to treat my group of four to a nice dinner. Last time we were there we went to Ruth's Chris and had excellent meals, so it is a contender, but I would like to try a different place, and something locally owned would be nice. I checked out the Mary Mahoney's online menu and it is intriguing.

All suggestions are welcome. The price range is pretty open and we like all kinds of food (except one who doesnt like seafood, but a seafood place is fine as long as there are other options available).

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  1. The White Cap in Gulfport or Anthony's in Ocean Springs are both good and not far at all. Also, The Blow Fly Inn (Gulfport) might be nice.

    All of these are probably within 10 minutes driving time of the Beau...

    1. I'ved lived on the coast since 69 and have never been impressed with Mahoney's. It seems to have gone downhill since the patriarch Mary Mahony passed away. Try Vrazel's in Gulfport on hwy 90, I also have been told that The Chimneys has re-opened.

      1. Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisineā€Ž in Ocean Springs....a very short drive to a down town location....Mediterranean/Greek/Steaks/Local Seafood... Reasonable priced...My last visit was very enjoyable....

        1. It is funny that nobody is really recommending anything *in* Biloxi- they used to have some really good places before Katrina...

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            Yeah not so much anymore huh :-) I think the list has shortened a lot!

            You can always go to Jazzeppi's in Biloxi, it is very close. I havent heard anything recently, but in the past I have heard only good things.

            The places in OS are pretty close, and Phoenicia comes highly recomended from what I have read.

            195B Porter Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530

          2. I heartily second the recommendation of Vrazel's. I live on the Coast and it is our #1 favorite for fine dining. I have never had a good meal at Mary Mahoney' not go anymore.