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Mar 9, 2010 07:17 PM

where to go before and after dinner at perbacco?

hi all, we have 3 couples visiting SF for the first time. saturday night(our big night out) we will eat at Perbacco 9pm. where would you go before for a drink and maybe after for a drink in the area. music anywhere close? we are staying at the Westin St Francis. would you go back to Union Sg for a night cap? thanks in advance ps did we make a good choice with Perbacco

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  1. House of Shields, across from the Palace Hotel, has some after-dinner music merit. It's an easy walk from Perbacco.

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        If you like the look of HoS, consider Hotel Utah about 5 blocks away. the Utah has lots of history, an old bar, decent drinks, and excellent music booking in a *miniscule* space.

    1. Rickhouse is walking distance from both Union Square and Perbacco and would be a great spot to go for a pre-dinner drink. After dinner it would be way too packed though!

      1. americano bar at hotel vitale might be nice and is an easy walk to and from Perbacco. more of a lounge/bar - no music there.

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          Americano will likely be kind of slow on a Saturday -- very different from Fridays. In general, Saturdays in that part of town is more like "date night" at certain destination restaurants than an area where people would go to party or to listen to music. Union Square will likely have more options, but it would be hard to recommend any specific place without knowing more about what you are looking for. As for Perbacco, I really like it.

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            we are looking for a spot that has live music(jazz) but anytype is ok. would like to be able to talk . If not live music then just good music. places that can make a great cocktail rate high with us.

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              That describes the Top of the Mark. Music and a $15 cover after 9pm, quieter tables in the corners, and not as much of a "concert" environment as Yoshi's (which has great cocktails and music). 7 block walk, but that walk contains a bit of a hill.

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                wednesday we were thinking Delphina in the Mission. fun bars around 16 and mission? also where can I find out more about Top of the Mark hotel site ok but no real pictures.

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                  do you like Laszlo Bar? and should we consider Foreign Cinema to eat dinner instead of Delphina

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                    Very different places. Delfina has close tables, fresh ingredients, modern italian. FC is more cal-french, more space between the tables, more upscale in a sense. Arguably Delfina has better food.

                    There are a wide, wide variety of bars and clubs with in 4/5 blocks of both Delfina and FC. The mission is less upscale than other parts of the city - "dive" is average. Look at Amnesia, the Elbo Room, Little Baobab, the Rite Spot, Savanna Jazz, the Makeout Room.

                    Never been in Laszlo. It's a certain kind of hip that doesn't work for me, at least from the outside.

                    Regarding where to get a description of Top of the Mark - can't say. I just go there, don't need a description. Waiters in white coats, 30's feel, full page of martinis, big windows, historic room, seperate tables invites talking among your party but not mingling, big dance floor hosts serious swing and ballroom some nights.

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                      I think I'll stick to Delphina over FC, food more important. Your right about Top of the Mark your description is enough. It sounds like a great end of our trip spot to end the night. thanks...

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                      For dinner I like Delfina over Foreign Cinema but if you are in town on a Sat or Sun I would highly recommend FC for brunch.

            2. What type of atmosphere are you looking for, what type of music?

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                jazz then more coffee house style(for my wife)

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                  Sounds like you want something more sophisticated than "divey"... so I'd recommend Bix, Top of the Mark, Gitane, maybe even the Tonga Room for an original "tiki bar" atmosphere.

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                    wednesday in the mission divey saturdary your right more upscale(but fun)

              2. Perbacco is a great choice. DH & I stopped by yesterday for a quick dinner after a day trip to Napa & were not disappointed. DH had his usual beef short ribs (he will not stray) & I couldn't decide between the truffle-herb ricotta gnocchi & the agnolotti quadrati with rabbit so our server was kind enough to give me tasting of both. Both pastas were divine...could have licked the plate clean!!

                Looks like the dessert menu has changed a bit since the last time we were there but we didn't have room or time to try any. Have had the burnt caramel gelato in the past & felt it was a strong flavor & heavy on the salt. Others have said they liked it. Don't recall what I had had time before that, but did love it.

                Just an fyi...had drinks at The Clock Bar in your hotel with 2 other couples on a Saturday night in January & found it to be packed. As lively as the atmosphere was, found the drinks to be disappointing.