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Mar 9, 2010 06:44 PM

7 inch cheesecake

I just purchased a 7" springform cheesecake pan. Can anyone help me with a cheesecake recipe for it. (There are just 2 of us and the larger cheescakes are too large for us). Thanks

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  1. I make cheesecakes in ramekins with a circle of parchment on the bottom. I will usually get 6 from a recipe , and I freeze 5 of them. Cheesecake freezes beautifully. So if you don't find a smaller recipe (or like me, when you try to halve the recipe you find there isn't enough volume there to manipulate to make it airy enough) put the rest in ramekins or wide mouthed half pint jars, anything ovenproof and small with a flat bottom.

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      Cook's illustrated has recipes for two and I believe they had one for a small cheesecake.

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        Thank you - runwestierun & petitgateau....I appreciate you answering me. I like your answer - runwestierun - because I have a great full size cheesecake recipe. I do subscribe to "Cook's Illustrated - so I will check this out.

    2. I also bought a 7" springform pan for making smaller size cheesecakes than the usual 9" size of most cheesecake recipes.

      For any recipe that calls for a 9" X 2" pan, you can convert it to a 7" x 2" size by using a conversion factor of 60%. That is a calculation based on the formula for the volume of a cylinder The 9-inch pan holds 127.3 cubic inches. The 7-inch pan holds 77 cubic inches. Your measurements don’t need to be exact, but as close as reasonably possible. I know you can’t exactly measure out 60% of an egg.

      The cooking times required will also be somewhat less. That’s something you may have to estimate and experiment with.

      The cheesecake recipe I use most often is the one from the Carnegie Deli. It’s a bit more involved than most other cheesecake recipes because of the 2-step baking process. But the additional time is definitely worth it. You can find the original recipe here:

      At the moment I can’t locate my list of ingredient measurements that I previously converted to make a 7" x 2" cheesecake from this recipe. If you'd like, I’can post it later after I find it.

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        I just convert my recipe like Sam D. Although, most of my recipes are in by volume and have lots of fractions in the recipes, so rather than converting using 60%, I multiply by 2/3. A little extra batter in the cheesecake doesn't make any difference, other than to baking time.

        I estimate the egg using average 50g for whole egg, 20 g yolk, 30 g white. So if the recipe called for 1 egg and I converted it to 2/3, I would use the whole yolk and about half the white. Doesn't have to be precise.

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          I certainly would very much appreciate your recipe....when you locate it - love to try it out...itching for a cheesecake!

        2. Wish I could help.

          I have a 7" springform and a smaller one too. I use them for overrun. They bake just like a conventional cheesecake just start checking for doneness sooner.

          Hope someone can give you quantities.

          1. I would like to add a little aside: I have found that when I try to make a smaller amount of cheesecake, I have trouble getting enough air in it, it all gobs up around the beaters. That's why I freeze the extra.

            I recently bought the "after market" beater blades (paddle) for my Kitchenaid mixer (they aren't made by kitchenaid) that have the little windshield wiper-looking rubber thingies on the side and they have significantly affected the texture of my cheesecake for the better. The rubber blades scrape the bowl on each pass. My cheesecake is much fluffier.

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              hi runwestierun....where did you get our "after market" beater blades..I have a Kitchenaid mixture....I live in Canada - if that is any help....Thanks...

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                I got them at a local kitchen store, Kitchen Kaboodle, but I have seen them at least 5 places since. Here is a link. BTW, they aren't cheap, but they have so positively affected my baking, I love them, and I buy them for gifts for all my friends who have compatible mixers.


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                    Thank you so much for this link...although I now live in Northern Ontario - I go to Mississauga often - and LOVE LOVE that shop.....I'm going to get one of these "beater blade" - the next time I am thee - Thanks you so much.....

                1. I often make 7" cheesecakes. I make half my full recipe which calls for 2lbs of cream cheese for the 7" springform. So either look for a recipe calling for 1 lb (2 8-oz bricks) or scale a recipe down for 1 lb of cream cheese (and adjust all other ingredients correspondingly).

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                    Did you cut in half all the rest of the ingredients if you cut the amount of cheese in half....thanks - housewold for ansering my request.

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                      Yes, I kept everything in proportion and just cut it all in half (crust ingredients too) - that's if I was using a recipe that was based on 2 lbs of cream cheese. If I was using one based on 1.5 lbs of cream cheese, I'd cut eveything down to 2/3s.