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Mar 9, 2010 06:33 PM

Good burger in L.A.

I know about Jeff's, the Fish Grill, and the Persian market with the grill in the back. But sometimes I'm just in the mood for a good burger. I I like them made to order, thick, and medium-rare. Flavorful enough so that I don't need or want ketchup. Not planning on going to the Valley, so I suppose something in Pico-Robertson or Hancock Park. Is there a place in L.A. that fits the bill? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if they're thick enough for your taste, but have you ever bypassed the sausages and instead ordered any of the burgers at Jeff's? I've had them a couple of times and thought they were fantastic. Very juicy and bursting with flavor, so no need for ketchup. I don't know if they'll cook one medium-rare for you, but it's definitely worth asking.

    Another equally great choice is the burger at Pico Deli. Comes with crispy grilled pastrami on top, fries on the side, and optional chili - all for around $8-$9. Very possibly the best kosher deal in town.

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      Also, while I haven't tried it, I noticed that Shiloh's very well-regarded steakhouse on Pico serves up what seems to be a pretty serious burger. It comes with a side of fries, and they offer soy cheese, some kind of "beef bacon," and a fried egg as toppings. The online menu says it's $16 at lunch and $18 at dinner, which is not horribly outrageous for a steakhouse of that caliber.

    2. I had a great burger at Umami on La Brea a few months ago.

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        cmarie, I'm assuming you didn't notice that this discussion is on the Kosher board. Umami on La Brea, which is presently a very hip and much-discussed restaurant among LA's burger aficionados, is not kosher.

      2. Best burger I ever had in L.A. was at La gondola.

        1. Well. since you dont want to go to the valley...
          Sorry, Arthur, Jeffs is a great place, but their butgers are nothing special (even the top secret, double ranch burger, or the double western burger)

          The only place that would fit your bill is unfortunately (cuz they're sit down places) is Shilos and la Gondola.

          Problem in LA is that they just dont have good bread either..beside PKD.

          Pats used to make a good burger, but as everything elsr there, it has gone way way way down, i was there last week, it was just bad.

          Sorry David...

          Since i LOVE a good Burger, I'd like to hear some thoughts o where in the USA can one get a truly juicy burger?

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          1. re: Cholent Fresser

            Everyone I know who's tried Jeff's burgers has been seriously impressed and pleasantly surprised by them. The meat is juicy and very well-seasoned, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the toppings or the standard bun. (I don't know about you, but I'm not expecting a brioche.) No, it may not be the kind of extra thick 3/4-lb. burger you'd hand-mold at home or expect to get at a pricey steakhouse, but it's many rungs above the typical hockey puck you might presume to find at a restaurant in Jeff's category, which is not an upscale dining establishment like Shiloh's or La Gondola.

            By the way, I don't always keep kosher and I have dined at most of the top-ranked treif burger joints around Los Angeles. IMO Jeff's burgers are hands-down superior to what you'd find down the street at the much-beloved Apple Pan. In this town, that is very high praise indeed.

            Where would you recommend in the Valley? I had a pretty good burger once at Golan on Victory Blvd., but that's about all the kosher burger experience I've had on that side of the hill.

          2. Got Kosher on Pico makes an amazing burger on a pretzel hamburger bun no less. Arguably one of the best I've ever had. I've had tons of stuff at Jeff's - not a burger - but I'm sure it's great.

            Shiloh's - disgusting. After a horrible lunch I had there with a friend I not only don't see what the fuss is about, it was one of the worst Kosher dining experiences I have ever had. Shiloh's can't hold a candle to Wolf & Lamb, Le Marais, or Tevere.

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              Sorry, Shilohs, is a great rest. MUCH better than Le Merais and Much Much better (on the similar stuff, cuz Shilohs doesnt have deli) than wolf, although wolf has gotten better lately.

              You must've had a bad experience it happens. I eat there often and take many (often non Jewish) clients, they cant stop raving.

              They have a cowboy steak and a steak with "cheese" thats amazing.

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                Yah I had the burger at Shiloh's with the fried egg, beef bacon (which is pretty much thinly sliced and charred steak) and the tofu cheese (which you can't really taste) I took a non-kosher eater there for the burger and we both thought it was amazing.