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Mar 9, 2010 06:25 PM

Chateau Kabob disappointing!;(

I came by for the banner advertised $6.95 kabob lunch buffet today but it was suddenly UNavailable. The regular menu prices is pricey but I ordered anyway just to support a new local biz during the recession. For $9.50, I didn't expect the portion to be so chicken skewer, some rice, and SIX pieces of french fries all on a plate only 4" wide. It tasted even worse...there was no taste. The kabob was juicy but left no taste in my mouth and no charbroiled flavor. My partner order the kabob cajun-spiced and that, too, was bland. There was no yogurt or sauce to go with the meat. How do you open a kabob restaurant and turn out such crappy kabobs (which isn't hard to make) is truly mystifying. The owners should visit Helmand in Cambridge or the Halal Cart next to the Hilton in Times Square to experience what tasty kakobs should be like.

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  1. Exactly! I got two sandwiches the other night, both FLAVORLESS! One of the kabob sandwiches was cold by the time I ate it (less than 10 minutes after it was cooked). I doubt the place will last a year. So much for getting my hopes up.

    1. A fast food kabob joint next to the Eire Pub, surrounded by the Village's Irish-ness, is a strange idea, for sure.

      Every time I walk by it seems so pathetic ....

      1. What a waste of time and space.
        The place smells, the portions are miniscule.
        And the help is resentful, at best.
        The big three!
        Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong food.

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          You're right. Why does the place smell so pungent if no one else is there ordering anything else? Is their ventilation hood even on?

          1. re: joebloe

            Alrighty, I walked by the other day and the door opened and it hit me.