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Mar 9, 2010 05:10 PM

What's on your kitchen wall?

I am finally ready to spruce up the bachelor pad and put something on my bare walls.

I'm trying to figure out what I should put up... what do you have hanging in your kitchen?

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  1. A pretty little whiteboard in a frame that I got at Target, I think. And I write whatever I just ran out of on it. Also a Georgia O'Keeffe calendar... but that's mainly cuz I LUV LUV LUV Georgia O'Keeffe. Otherwise, it's all cabinets and shelves.

    1. A vintage kitchen plaque that I inherited from my grandma.

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      1. re: coney with everything

        and bizarrely enough, here is the exact same plate on Etsy:

        Obviously I won't be able to sell it and retire :)

      2. My kitchen walls are mostly filled with cabinets, shelving units of various types and windows. (I actually just replaced some art work that was ahnging in my kitchen with three stainless steel shelves - needed the storage more than I needed the art - and it actually looks a lot nicer now.)

        But I have a really great, framed black and white photo - quite large - which I found on of a woman's hands forming a pie crust.

        I also have a collection of Karen Hurd's antique-inspired flat-backed cookie cutters hanging on the wall. And this really great collection of vintage cast aluminum(?) chocolate molds in various seashell shapes that I put together from ebay auctions. They have a kind of funky industrial edge to them that I really like.

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          That photo sounds cool -- do you remember who the etsy artist was? How did you find it?

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            the etsy site is "madeinmississippi" but she doesn't currently have any listings in her store. The photo is called "pie crust for pino".

            PIE CRUST FOR PINO
            Gelatin silver print
            printed on Ilford RC paper/pearl surface
            Paper size: 14 in. x 11 in.
            Image size: 12 in. x 8 in.

            The artist, whose name is Amy Evans, also has a website:

            I'm sure you could contact her about selling you a print of this photo.

        2. I have memorabilia from great restaurants! I have signed menus from Le Bernardin, Charlie Trotter and Vong and an unsigned tasting menu card from Babbo. Chopsticks in their paper wrapper from Nobu. Postcards from Daniel, 21 Club (i know, but it was my first ever meal in NYC and the design is cool) and Balthazar.

          I've run out of wall space, but I'm dying to put up an antique Peach Box Label from my great grandfather's packing shed.

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            Me too, except mine are from CA institutions that I collected (mostly when I was a kid) from places like Perinos, Chasens, Ma Maison, the original Spago, Lawrys, etc. It's a riot to see some of the old prices too- prime rib was $5.95 at Lawrys in the early 70s!
            Soon to add The French Laundry:)