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May 15, 2005 06:23 PM

Taking the Train Pt. 3... Langers...

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As we walked into the legendary Langers we were all very happy to see at 2pm in the afternoon it was busseling with customers….

Nevertheless, there was plenty of room for our group which was at its largest point of the trip numbering 15! Obviously we were reaching our absolute stuffed point, we all decided to share different versions of their luscious sandwiches. Two with Swiss, Two without and one Corned Beef… All version was smothered in Russian Dressing and Coleslaw… The Pastrami (although some suspected was not the extra special Hand Cut due to the size of our group) was as always heavenly. I actually perfered the version without Swiss as the cheese was just one more element to that hid that perfect peppery, greasy pastrami taste that langers has perfected. The corned beef although not as transcendent as the Pastrami was still top notch (especially in Langer’s super soft and flavorful Rye).

We also ordered their amazingly done fries (How they do them, I dunno! They honestly are crinkle cut frozen fries. But they get so crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside. One of our hounds described it perfectly, it was as if eating fried mashed potatoes) We also tried the New Pickles, which were so crunch and not as harsh as the usual pickles which come with the sandwiches.

Along with a couple of chocolate egg creams it was a nice change of pace from the latin foodfest we’d just had and our taste buds would soon be in for another spin as we all made it back on the train… on our way to Thai Town…


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  1. While, admittedly some are more obvious than others, you'd be doing an even greater service by indicating the "bus" (subway, I take it) stop for each location.

    In any event, pleas keep 'em coming.

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      Understandable! I actually wanted to make a seperate post to list all the locations and such to make it research and printer friendly. Here is said post...


    2. "...two pastrami with swiss" - true californians!

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      1. re: badseed

        This was the first time I had the extra stuff on the pastrami sandwich (cheese, dressing). I still like it plain. And I'm a native Californian.

      2. Chocolate egg cream? You philistines, you shoulda had some Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray tonic to wash down that pastrami.



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        1. re: Chino Wayne

          Wayne... they are no longer carrying the Cel-Ray!!!! We were so sadly denied... :(

          Also, no corkage! Bah!!! They do have Heineken though... LOL!


          1. re: Dommy!

            No Cel-Ray, sacre bleu! Then all 'hounds be forwarned, prior to any future excusions to Langers, stop by Galco's Soda Pop Stop and pick up a six pack of Cel-Ray if you want to truly enjoy your pastrami.


        2. I was at Langers around 2pm on Saturday with my girlfriend!

          Incidentally, I agree with you- anything other than just a small bit of brown mustard (or a little chopped liver) only serves to mask the delicate, savory flavor of the pastrami. I've never understood why Langer's pushes those thousand island/swiss cheese monstrosities, which to this east coast Jewish boy would be akin to putting ketchup on your burrito.

          Mr. Taster

          1. As The Conductor and her passengers left Langer's we stayed to pick up some of what we'd just eaten, to go. A jar of new dills, a pound of hand-cut (I watched him!) pastrami and a half loaf of double-baked rye. The meat and bread were still warm when we got home and I was in heaven all over again.

            Of note, the counter man told us that Langers has changed their rye bread source, and now gets it from Bea's Bakery in SFV. Apparantly the former source had some production problems and some issues about the sale of the bakery. Judging from the reactions of the assembled group, though, Bea's is doing a fine job.

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            1. re: TomSwift

              For those that don't know, Bea's Bakery is in Tarzana off of Reseda Blvd and (sortof) Ventura Blvd. It's at the end of a shopping center with the Ralph's and Long's Drugs. There is also a deli there (Mort's) that I like, but not as much as Brent's.