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Mar 9, 2010 04:22 PM

Issmi on Ave Rd. Don't bother

A few weeks ago we tried to order delivery from this place, keep in mind that we literaly live two blocks away (no exageration) they told me "about 1 1/2 hrs" I asked what if I pick up they said "45 mins" . I thought if the wait is this long it's got to be good, however we were too hungry and decided to order from Nara this time. Nara on the other hand was great and reasonably priced for sushi.

So last sunday we dicided to give it another shot. This time the wait was only 1 hr., which is still too long but hell if it's this busy it's got to be good. Well we couldn't of been more wrong. It was by far the worst sushi we ever had, mind you we have eaten our fair share of sushi.

We ordered the spicy salmon pizza, the salmon was ground up with bread crumbs mixed in, the crust was soggy and no spice what so ever. Spider roll, soft shell crab had a KFC-like breading that was pre-done and put in the fridge for a day or two. The salmon nigiri, the edge of the salmon was not trimed properly with a grey edge due to being fileted too close to the skin. On top of it all the bill was $78.00 and the two of us looked at each other still feeling hungry and ripped off.

Has anybody else had this experience?

1984 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M4A4, CA

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  1. Goes to show you how quality varies so much. I'll add my two cents. I have eaten -- in only -- at Issmi and Nara. Issmi has always been excellent and fresh. Nara once served me fish of in my opinion second-rate freshness and I have not gone back.

    1. Yeah we live close by too, and Nara (and the rest of the sushi within walking distance for that matter, like Rainbow on Bathurst) has failed us to the point we won't order again. On the other hand, delivery from Sushi One is fast (well, we order before 6PM, can't vouch for later in the evening), decently priced and consistently fresh.

      Sushi One
      4924 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5N5, CA