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Mar 9, 2010 04:18 PM

Unable to link to Gilroy, CA places from San Francisco Bay Area board

At the time that I posted here, the problem was fixed.

But I just tried to link to Lizzaran in Gilroy from a posting on the SF Bay Area board, and no-go. I then tried linking from the California board, and it works fine.

Please restore the abiliity to link to Gilroy establishments from the SF Bay Area board. Gilroy is located in Santa Clara County and is part of the Greater Bay Area.

Edited to add: Here's another example for Gilroy that has been reported on the SF board, but is not available for linking. Gaeta's

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  1. Still not working. Successfully linked for an establishment in Morgan Hill, CA, that is 5 minutes to the north of Gilroy. Looks like the "fuzzy" borders got reset too strictly and left Gilroy out in the cold.

    Here's the slideshow for the scoop on Lizarran, waiting for a link to post an eating report.

    Or should i post on the California board and ask for the thread to be moved? Will the link move with it?

    This thread on the SF Bay Area board should be linked to Lizarran Gilroy as well.
    I am trying to help out by populating the bare shelves in the Restaurants & Bars section with info and discussions, but these shifting software problems aren't making it any easier.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Still can't link from the SF Bay Area board to Gilroy address. Is Gilroy to be divided from the rest of the South Bay, South Bay and Silicon Valley and now discussed on the California board instead of the SF Bay Area board?

    2. This is still not working. Please do not divorce Gilroy, its eating establishments and citizens from the Greater SF Bay Area.

      1. This recent request for Gilroy restaurant info has more examples of restaurant records that cannot be linked from the SF Bay Area board.

        The "fuzzy" border allows establishments to the north and east of the defined boundaries of the Sf Bay Area to be linked up. But we cannot link a large proprotion of businesses in Gilroy, which is within the SF Bay area region.

        Has anyone looked into this?

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Just tried and could not link to the above record when posting to the SF Bay Area board. This seems to be somewhat random as a few Gilroy records will link.

          This has been going on a YEAR now.