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Sunday night dinner in New Orleans with a teen

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I will be down in New Orleans in a few weeks with my son to visit Loyola University. He is a meat and potatoes guy at heart, but has become increasingly adventuresome as he has gotten older. We will be staying over on a Sunday night, when many of the eateries seem to be closed. Can anyone recommend a teen-friendly place to go on a Sunday evening?

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  1. How about taking him to Port of Call for a burger and loaded baked potato? The meal and the place will probably be right up his alley, speaking as a former teenage boy.


    1. Take him to Grand Isle Restaurant it is right next to Harrah's casino. They have seafood items as well as things like pot roast.

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        2. Go to Emeril's. It's fun and casual. They offer a small plates menu in addition their regular menu. The food is delicious, service is excellent. Moderately priced. Online menus: http://www.emerils.com/restaurant/1/E...