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Mar 9, 2010 03:55 PM

Sunday night dinner in New Orleans with a teen

I will be down in New Orleans in a few weeks with my son to visit Loyola University. He is a meat and potatoes guy at heart, but has become increasingly adventuresome as he has gotten older. We will be staying over on a Sunday night, when many of the eateries seem to be closed. Can anyone recommend a teen-friendly place to go on a Sunday evening?

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  1. How about taking him to Port of Call for a burger and loaded baked potato? The meal and the place will probably be right up his alley, speaking as a former teenage boy.

    1. Take him to Grand Isle Restaurant it is right next to Harrah's casino. They have seafood items as well as things like pot roast.

        1. Go to Emeril's. It's fun and casual. They offer a small plates menu in addition their regular menu. The food is delicious, service is excellent. Moderately priced. Online menus: