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Mar 9, 2010 03:50 PM

Oxnard, California area

We would like to know of an interesting place to meet friends halfway between Santa Barbara and Santa Monica--we all love interesting delicious food. Would appreciate any ideas.

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  1. Jonathans at Peiranos is the jewel of downtown Ventura, a reasonably-priced Mediterranean across the street from the Mission with the best single-serving paella I've had in southern California.

    here are some other threads that may be helpful:

    The latter thread is four years old -- caveat emptor and call first.

    Jonathans At Peiranos
    204-208 E Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001

    1. what time and what day of the week?

      1. Take a thorough look at this thread about Fisherman's House's "secret" tatami room. It may pique your interest as it did mine. Haven't been yet, but I plan to go very soon:

        1. always stop at andria's seafood when headed up there. nothing insanely innovative, but really nice to eat outdoors followed or preceded by walk on beach.