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Mar 9, 2010 03:50 PM

Complete my list

need a rec for the best and freshest seafood in SoBe staying at The hotel. Have reserved Wish Blue Door Barolo and going to now need a fantastic Seafood dinner. Price range $ 25.00- 50.00 and under per person without drinks.Somewhere not expensive and casual is also great .Also what is the typical corkage fee in the area?

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  1. Since it seems you're bound to South Beach, I would suggest trying the newly opened Altamare for a seafood-focused restaurant in your price range (even though I've not yet tried it). Place has been a longstanding local's favorite, recently moved into bigger digs down the street, new chef is an alum from Michael's Genuine. Corkage varies among restaurants, I've seen as low as $10 (or seen it conveniently forgotten) and as high as $35.

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      also we are willing to spend more $$ thanks for the rec on Altamare. Can you recommend a good lunch spot other than the News Cafe.

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        I think what you mean to say is "Can you recommend a good lunch spot?" The rest of that sentence made no sense.

        Burger & Beer Joint makes a very good burger. I've had some good bbq from BBQ Beach, though it's been a while. I like the jerk shrimp po'boy at the Spot on Alton Road. Spris on Lincoln Road has decent pizza. Some have had good experiences at Sosta as well though my own visit was unimpressive. There are some Italian sandwich places which I haven't tried but which others can recommend.

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          I just had an enjoyable luch @ Sardinia, sitting outside, wine by the glass and a reasonable menu for $ could do less a la carte, if not happy w/lunch menu.....walked south of resto for coffe at French (small) bistro, where we had nice lunch another day...sorry, forgot name

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          lunch depends on what you want to do
          if you want great food you might want to go to martarello but seating is problematic there.
          if you want to hang out and have decent food i would do books and books.

          I would go to joes instead of altamare. I have been to both.

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            I went to the new Altamar (Altamare) Restaurant this weekend -- and the food was phenomenal. Not only was the food great the ambiance made this restaurant a must "eat."

            Upon arrival, my sister and I, choose the decision to sit at the chef's table. What a great decision! Simon, the chef, was engaging and informative and gave excellent recommendations. We started off our meal with a item from the raw bar (sheepshead carpaccio, i think?), a house salad and each had separate entrees. I had, with the Chef's recommendation, the short ribs -- they had all characteristics that you hope to have, tender, rich, and savory complimented by mini pickled onions. What it missed was the heavy, sticky, sweet sauce that ruins short ribs all too often. My sister had a fish dish that was equally well prepared and complimented by a really unique sunchoke "mash." I'll admit I wasn't paying attention to hers but was indulging myself bite after bite in short rib induced bliss. We finished with the banana bread pudding, whatever that chocolate fudge magic was on top i wanted more..

            The wait staff, owner and chef made this meal more than just good -- they made it memorable.

            Go now, while you can get in.

            Altamar Restaurant
            1223 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

            1. re: Carpaccio

              I am glad you enjoyed altamare and I hope it succeeds. I will go there once in a while but to be very frank, given the amount of food you get for the price, I doubt it will ever be a "while you still can" place. I will try Altamare again in about a month or so but as it stands, both sardinia and solea have better food and are better values.

          2. Lunch I would go to Burger & Beer Joint for burgers, Cafe Books & Books for variety (lobster/mango wrap is awesome, turkey/brie/asian pear/mango chutney sandwich is also awesome), Pita Spice for the best falafel pita ever (get it spicy!), or A la Folie for crepes/sandwiches in a cool setting.

            Enjoy Miami!

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              Ooh, BM: really on Pita Spice?! I haven't tried it. Will do.
              If you want nice ambience for lunch, I'd choose Books and Books on Lincoln or A La Folie on Espanola. Food-wise, Books and Books. If you are dying for a hamburger, Burger and Beer, but not for ambience unless you like that off the beaten path , indoor (there are a few picnic tables outside but , eh) warehousey vibe on a nice (you hope) , sunny day. BB is a great rainy day/late night spot.

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                I have not been to folie on espanola for a long time now but I like the one on purdy better -- same food less mosquitos.

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                  You and your mosquitoes! I'm going to leave a bottle of Off for you next time I go.

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                    LOL, I knew that TP would say something about mosquitos at A la Folie on Espanola!! I gotta say I've never experienced them there but those little buggers usually leave me alone anyways.

                    HJ - Pita Spice is the bomb and the employees there are really nice. Definitely best falafel pita around, especially spicy w/ the works!