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Mar 9, 2010 03:33 PM

Looking for Self-Serve Restaurant that is Licensed

I am searching for a licensed restaurant that is counter style self-service in Toronto. Not quite a cafeteria but an offering of assorted fresh foods that are prepared or made quickly with higher end items. These shops are kid friendly in Australia as they seem to be popular and looking for similar here for a family outing.

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  1. Richtree might serve your purposes. Some of the locations serve wine, apparently.

    1. Do you mean literally self-service where you spoon up the items yourself, like at a buffet? Or as in no table service--- you stand and point and someone behind the counter dishes it up for you?

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        Correct, stand and point or order at counter then pay at cashier. Preferably no buffet food is not very fresh.

      2. Carpe Diem, a little Italian pizza and pasta cafe on King East just past Sherbourne meets your criteria. You can order at the counter and eat at one of the half dozen tables. I was surprised to notice last time that they have a selection of Mill St. beers along with the usual sodas and juices and the espresso machine. The food is okay but not spectacular, their normal pizzas are very thick which I didn't mind, but I guess some people complained, so now they also sell thin crust personal pizzas. I've not tried the thin crust pizzas or their other rotating specials like lasagne, pasta, etc.

        1. Hmm.
          Kid friendly and licensed! Are you aware that you posted this on the Ontario Board? Most licensed places aren’t even Adult Friendly (thanks to the AGCO rules).

          However, during daytime hours (not evenings) it is possible at the Spiga/Jingles/Boccone combo on Yonge south of St Clair.
          Boccone has exactly the food you are looking for – along with superb sandwiches too. And you can then sit in any of several areas - my favourite is the back patio – although it’s a little early for that this year. Then you can order drinks from the Spiga side – which has a common seating area with Boccone.

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            I agree with Boccone. Their pizza, their salads - all delicious and fresh and authentic. Plus if you don't feel like alcohol, they have all the Italian sodas.

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              Really? You like Spiga? I guess I'll have to give it another shot.

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                No I HATE Spiga - terrrible inedible food. But Boccone is fantastic. And you can buy your 'licensed beverage' from Spiga.

            2. I know it's not particularly chowish but when my kids were little, we'd go to eat at Ikea now and then. The kids thought it was an adventure and I got to have a Heineken or glass of wine with my meatballs, and I did enjoy the meatballs or salmon wellington or whatever. Don't know if they're still licenced though, because I haven't eaten there in a long time.