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Mar 9, 2010 03:17 PM

Are Eleni's cookies kosher?

I see an OU symbol on the bottom of Eleni's website. Does that mean I can buy their cookies? I understand the the actual store in Chelsea might not be certified, but does this mean, that the cookies that they sell there are?

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  1. My understanding is all their baked goods are kosher
    the ou does note that the OU-D symbol is required-I would figure it is like hershe's kisses. If you see a hershey's kiss out of a bag you know they are kosher even w/o the ou symbol.
    however, they do post "Are your products kosher?
    Our packaged cookie and cupcake products labeled with the OU symbol are certified kosher. However, the cookies sold at the counter have come into contact with non-kosher items, like sweet rolls from Balthazar, so they cannot be considered kosher."