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Mar 9, 2010 03:14 PM

Looking for a one time sushi-making lesson (bday gift)

Girlfriends birthday soon, and I want to give the gift that keeps on giving. However, I don't even know where to begin looking, and how much something like this would run. Have any other chowhounders done something similar? And what were your experiences like?


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  1. Try searching for the California Sushi Academy online. I know they have 1 day classes.

    I don't have an interest in learning to make sushi, so I couldn't tell you about my experience.

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    1. re: DrBruin

      Thanks! I found the link at :

      It doesn't look like they actually come to your house and show you how to do it; rather, you go there, and it's a one day thing. It looks slightly less expensive, which is good. I was originally hoping for something like having her and some some of our friends over, and have a chef come in and give a lesson.... but that probably would be too expensive.

      Thanks for the headsup!

      1. re: grendel20

        You're welcome. Your OP mentioned nothing about having a private lesson... but, yes, I'd imagine that would be on the expensive side. I think it's better to make a mess somewhere else anyway. ;) I bet you could call them and see if they have any ideas (recent grads looking to make a few bucks, etc).

        1. re: grendel20

          I've been to Sushi Institute of America downtown. It was a good experience. I can't compare it to other sushi schools.

          You'll probably have a better experience at one of the handful of schools in LA than in your own home. The sushi school will have all the equipment ready. You'll get an idea of what you should buy for your own kitchen. It will have a surplus of rice, fish, and everything else. You'll have a lot more space. Plus, they'll clean up the mess.

          1. re: grendel20

            I went to the sushi academy and had a great time. It's related to Bar Hayama. You and some friends could go together and it would be like a party. And you end up with a whole boatload of self-made sushi. Bring some tupperware.

        2. They're booked for the weekend of her birthday. Gadzooks.

          Anyone have any other suggestions?