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Mar 9, 2010 02:36 PM

Morrocan, Portguese, Seafood

Would love to learn of your favorite Morrocan, Portguese, Seafood restaurants in Montreal. Visiting from NY after 10 years and need Chowhound advice. Please share. Thanks

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  1. You can't go wrong with Cafe Ferreira for portuguese seafood.

    1. Portugese chicken at Ramados , tapas at Pintxo or Casa Tapas
      And yes, Fereirra is amazing

      It would be nice if you mentioned budget.. The difference between a dinner at ferreira and ramados for dinner is about 50 dollars...

      1. Not concerned about price so much as good food...and good food to me can be a hole in the wall place and/or a 5 star place. I welcome all suggestions.

        Someone told me about Maestro SVP. Can anyone tell me about it?

        Does Ferreira and Ramados have a web site?

        THanks everyone...please keep the suggestions coming. :-)

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          Cafe Ferreira: www.ferreiracafe.com - great place, fantastic food! Upscale.

          For basic portugueuse, but very good as well: Chez Doval - www.chezdoval.com

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            I only went to Maestro for their oysters, lots of varieties, all fresh and excellent, one of the best place imo for oysters in Montreal

            Can't comment on the rest of the menu though, but i've heard good things from relatives who went

            Maestro S V P
            3615 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2V5, CA

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              I have mixed feelings about Maestro. The place is chic-relaxed, the vibe is nice, but the food seems pretentious. They have $12/doz oysters from 5-7 which is a great bargan (if still available - its been awhile).
              Still a nice to stop in for a drink and decide for yourself.

              About 4 blocks north of Maestro, on the other side of the street (across Schwartz')you'll find La Cabane. Its (I beleive) Portuguese owned and a bit of a hole-in-the-wall meets corner bar. I like this place and recommend it often.
              Honest food, various whiteboard specials (many times bison, or ostrich, or boar, or elk), portuguese sandwiches and another favorite, petisco, their pork and chorizo combo.

              1. re: porker

                Thanks for sharing your opinion - appreciate it!

                Any seafood restaurants that all you Chowhounders can recommend?

                Any morrocan?

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                  I feel that the Montreal seafood scene has had its ups and downs. Like Montreal steak choices, everyone has their favorites, but typical seafood restaurants aren't really that strong here.
                  I enjoy seafood (live fish, lobster, clams, sea snails, razor clams, whelks, crab) in chinatown, for a splurge I'll eat at Milos (top notch Greek) but these are regional cuisines and not your typical captain's platter/lobster/scampi/clam chowder restaurants.

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              It's spelt Romados, no website but it's at 115 Rachel Est, corner Coloniale. 514-849-1803
              It's a take out place with limited counter seating. But it's delicious and cheap!