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Mar 9, 2010 02:07 PM

Smokey Joes' Stamford

What is going on there anyone know abou the new name and if the restaurant has changes its menu, I liked to go for sandwiches in the summer for picnics so I wondering if they have a website with there new menu options? Thanks you I want some great brisket on a roll with great coleslaw. Where else can I get this close by and where the brisket is soft not chewy?
Thank you very much.

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  1. I was there last week for some Gumbo. The lower level remains the same BBQ and menu. They renovated and have a nicer dining area. There was no extras bar (pickles, slaw, jalapeno's). They added a small bar where the extras and BBQ sauce was. The upstairs is now a seafood restaurant. They did not have a takeout menu available yet. One of the employees was bringing a dish from the downstairs kitchen to the upstairs while I was there. I think I'll go again today to checkout the seafood.

    1. Quality has gone wayyyy downhill since the Boathouse opened upstairs. Menu is still the same...but food is not as good, BBQ sauce now tastes like something you'd get at a crappy deli, or a place whose name rhymes with Harden Matering, no more Boylan's sodas, the aforementioned fixins bar is gone...tis a shame, because it was a decent quick fix nearby. Guess I'll have to head up to Wilson's to get my BBQ from now on.

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        Downhill? It was the pits to begin with.

        I've driven past a number of times thinking to drop in to see if there was an improvement from the old "BBQ flavored" meats. Thanks for saving me the time, the calories, and money. (Tho their cornbread was always tasty.)

        1. re: louuuuu

          True, never was gourmet to begin with, but they did at least smoke their meats, unlike a fair number of places in the area. It's borderline inedible now, though.

        2. re: MMMDonuts

          Smokey Joes makes me wish for McDonald's to bring back the McRib.