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Mar 9, 2010 01:59 PM

Help narrowing down the dinner list please

Hi, I'll be down in NO for three dinners and I'm trying to pick the best- looking for variety but all delicious, things I can't get in the northeast and not your standard tourist places and at least one that isn't overly stuffy. Fortunately price isn't an issue. I've been combing the NO board and reading reviews and the "problem" is that everything sounds GREAT. How do I decide? So far I've "limited" the list to:
Bon Ton
Please help me pick 3!!!

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  1. Although two aren't on your list, I'd recommend Cochon, August, and Galatoire's. All three have great local flavor, but they're vastly different. I know I went beyond your list, but that's what I'd recommend to a visitor looking to experience local dining. My only problem with my list is that it doesn't include an Uptown joint. Perhaps you could get up to Commander's for lunch. You can also hit Mandina's for lunch. I'm pretty sure Clancy's does lunch thurs-sat. All the choices on your list are good, though. You can't go wrong with any of them.

    FWIW, you can get Stella's food in any sizeable city. It's really good but there's not much local influence. Same for Iris.

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      Please do Commander's for lunch. You want an experience you won't have anywhere else? That's it.

    2. August

      You can do lunch at August, Mandina and Herbsaint

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        Unfortunately I won't really have time for lunch- except perhaps to grab a po' boy one day- and that's why I'm stuck- great list of restaurants and only three opportunities to try them!

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          August (tasting menu w/wine pairing), Patois, Brigsten's. While Herbsaint can be terrific, I find it to be inconsistent.